Woman Halloween Makeup Japanese Anime Style

Woman Halloween Makeup Japanese Anime Style


Are you a Manga and Japanese culture fan ? Why don’t you make a Halloween makeup inspired from your favorite anime like One Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin, Bleach, Death Note, Silver Spoon, Naruto, Moyashimon, Kimi ni Todoke, Shingeki, Sakamoto Desuga, Fairy Tail, Yozakura or encore Kuroshitsu. Women that we can see in Japanese anime and manga often have angel teenagers faces even if they have to fight or be a warrior, a ninja or a soldier, they are beautiful with huge eyes and look pure, sexy, eccentric with their pink, blue or purple hair.

To disguise as a manga character during Halloween, you can imagine everything, for example a girl student uniform, a very sexy one with a short skirt, fishnet stocking, a tight little shirt open on the top showing a plunging neckline and a beautiful generous breast. You can also choose the soldier uniform of a fighting girl, a warrior dressed in a sexy skin-tight coverall with a sword in the hand and a bow on the back.

Exit the makeup, you have to use different accessories to really look like your mange heroine for Halloween. Start with a wig for some characters but the inescapable element that all these pretty girls have in common is the huge dolly eyes which are often colorful. these dolly eyes can be electric blue, pink, red, yellow or violet, and as it is impossible to get these colors naturally. You can only get them with the help of circle lenses also called “Big eyes lenses”, “Dolly eyes lenses” or “Korean eyes lenses”. These lenses can create the illusion that you have huge eyes because they are larger than the original iris size. Circle lenses don’t need special care, they are like regular contact lenses, and to wear circle lenses without trouble you just need to respect the same basic rules of hygiene. For example if you want to have beautiful blue manga style eyes, you might try our Vassen Tofi Blue Kitty Kawai, for green eyes Vassen Ash Miranda 2 Tone, for pink eyes Vassen Cici or if you need golden eyes, try Vassen Cara Gold.

For the makeup part you can get your inspiration from existing manga character or use you imagination. All these manga dolls share the same main feature and it is their porcelain complexion. To get this skin color you need to use a good and fluid covering foundation that fix all the little skin imperfections of your face, choose a foundation close to your real skin color. Add loose powder makeup to freeze and enhance your foundation powder, you can then apply blush on your cheekbones and a lipstick in the same tone. To increase the illusion that you have big eyes, use false long eyelashes up and down and apply black mascara. Now it’s time to use a white eyeliner on the low eyelid edge and the eye corner close to your nose, have a look at the picture bellow.

As you can see it is not difficult to look like a Japanese manga character and we are sure that you will impress everybody with your new costume.