Beginner Guide: Color Lens or Korean Circle Lens

Beginner Guide:

Color Lens or Korean Circle Lens




As you know Korean contact lenses are also called “circle lenses” or “color lenses”, they are very trendy right now. Circle lenses are worn by number of celebrity who care about their appearance and even tiny details are important for them. Color lenses became a beauty asset, a must to compete with the most beautiful women of the world. More than the cosmetic appearance, color lenses can also correct your vision if you are suffering of vision issues. Circle lenses can replace the use of your traditional glasses. Before enjoying circle lenses there are few things that you need to know. We made for you a little guide for beginner.


Security and precautions of use for Korean lenses

Korean lenses are not a danger but as any contact lenses they need special precautions. These precautions are rules of care and hygiene. First of all your hands have to be perfectly cleaned with soap and dried with a fabric towel instead of a paper onewhen you are about to touch your lenses. Before using contact lenses it is very important to moisturize them, rinse them and disinfect them with special lens care solution. Do not forget to clean often the case of your lenses with a cleansing solution, do not hesitate to change the lens case once every 2 months.
Last recommendation, do not wear your color lenses more than 8 hours a day especially when it’s time to sleep.


What age is the best to start wearing Korean lenses ?

There is no minimum or maximum age required to wear Korean circle lenses. You are the only judge to decide if your child is able to wear color lenses. Every teenager or kid responsible and careful enough can wear circle lens. Practitioners recommend to start wearing circle lenses at the age of 13 but nowadays kids grow quickly…

Do I need a prescription to buy Korean lenses?

You don’t need any prescription if you wish to buy plano circle lenses essentially for cosmetic purpose, plano color lenses do not correct the vision. On the other hand, if you have vision issues we strongly recommend that you to consult an ophthalmologist to help you to get the right contact lenses with correction, these lenses prescribed by the doctor will suit perfectly your needs. Anyway it is always preferable to consult a practitioner if you decide to wear contact lenses for the first time, the ophthalmologist can tell you which curvature of lenses your eyes need (base curve of the lenses).

Do I need to buy Korean lenses or contact lenses? What is the difference between them?

Korean lenses and contact lenses are the same thing. But for most people the word “Korean” means colorful lenses with colorful patterns and designs. Korean lenses are also called “color lenses”, “circle lenses”, “cosmetic lenses” and big eyes lenses. The range of colors and patterns available is incredible, you can choose to wear simple and natural colors of lenses or maybe try something more special like the dolly eyes, cat eyes, red eyes, Naruto eyes etc… You can even choose the size of the enlargement that you want to change the size of your iris and make your eyes bigger than usual.

Where to buy safe Korean lenses?

You can buy your circle lenses at your optical store down your street or order your color lenses online via a web store. Be careful when you choose to buy Korean lenses online because you can make a bad experience as buying fake lenses. Prefer to buy well known trusted brands like Geo, Vassen, Dueba or Dreamcon. These brands have an excellent reputation and are famous with color lenses consumers. Victim of they success it is possible to find copies of these brands, you have to be aware of this. 

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