Change your Color Lens Case as Often as Possible

Change your Color Lens Case as Often as Possible


 Change your Color Lens Case as Often as Possible


Millions of people are wearing color lenses everyday and most know that it is very important to take care of their lenses, but how many know that it is also very important to clean their lens cases very thoroughly ?

Change your Color Lens Case as Often as Possible


Clean your contact lenses and lenses cases


Cleaning contact lenses everyday is not enough and you should remember where you keep your contact lenses, in a lens case that you open an close everyday. Everytime you open it some dirt can enter the case and germs can develop later, this is why you should also take care of your lens case.

You might think that because you clean your lenses everyday before you put them in their lens case it is enough care and that you do not need to think about the lens cases, but this idea is wrong. Contact lens cases are a perfect place for germs to grow and it is actually useless to clean your lenses if you also do not clean your cases. Without knowing you might sometimes put some not perfectly cleaned lenses in the lens case and if you do not clean your case some dirt or germs could remain in the lens case even after you take the lenses out.


So let’s remind how to take care of color lenses and lens cases, here is the complete process:


– Clean your hands

– Put some multi solution on your finger tips

– Empty the lens case

– Clean the lens case with multi solution, then rinse it with this solution one more time without putting your fingers inside

– Shake the lens case and put it upside down to dry it

– Clean your hands again

– Dry your hands with a towel

– Put some multi solution in the lens case

– Put your lenses in the lens case

– Take the lenses from the case and clean them between your fingers

– Empty and refill the solution in the lens case

– Put your lenses in the lens case and soak them all night


Yes, you should clean your lens case and your lenses everyday, even twice a day, in the morning and in the evening if possible, when you wear your lenses and when you put them in the lens case to soak. Of course most people do not do it this way and do not have any problem, but if you do not do it the correct way and have a problem with your lenses in the future you will know why and it won’t be possible to accuse your contact lenses.


If you only clean your contact lenses and just rinse your lens case it is acceptable but if any germ develops in the lens case just pouring multi solution won’t kill it, this is why it is better to really clean your lens case with your fingers. If you clean your cases and your lenses perfectly there is no risk to catch any infection and you can use your color lenses for a minimum of 6 months. Some people who really care about their contact lenses can wear them during one full year without any problem.


Change your Color Lens Case as Often as Possible

Change your lens cases often


Cleaning your lenses and lens cases is good but you can also change your cases often. Basic contact lens cases are very cheap and most of the time free when buying contact lenses, so why not changing them every month or every two month ? This is really the best solution if you do not want to spend too much time cleaning your lens cases, and using new lens case is the best way to be sure that no germ is developing inside. Some more expensive lens cases are sold with removable parts and you just need to change the part where contact lenses soak, the part that could be dirty after few months. If you use a free lens case that you got with your lenses you should make sure that it closes very well and if you do not wear your lenses for few days you must check everyday that the case is still full with solution. It is also good to change the solution even when you didn’t wear the lenses.



How long you will be able to wear your contact lenses really depends on how good you take care of your eyes accessories. But more important, taking care of your color lenses and lens cases will avoid any problem or infection, the best way to enjoy your contact lenses as long as possible.

So do not play with your eyes and with your health, this is very important.

Change your Color Lens Case as Often as Possible