Changing Permanently the Color of Your Eyes is now Possible

Changing Permanently the Color of Your Eyes is now Possible 

Thanks to “Lumineye Technology” developed by Doctor Gregg Homer from Stromal Medical of California, it is now possible to change your eyes color.

Who never had the deep desire to change his eye color? Think about having a blue lagoon or green emerald iris instead of a regular brown color is a fantasy relatively confessed by people.

The color of the eyes is always a hot topic where everyone has his own preferences. But light eyes are actually rarer which make them more beautiful and noticeable. This personal beauty quest can be reached today via “Lumineye Technology”. 
“You have beautiful eyes…”.

Lumineye Technology is developed by Doctor Gregg Homer from Stromal Medical of California.

The method is quite simple to explain. It consists to remove the brown pigment on the patient’s iris with a laser which allows to burn the melanin on the top layer of the iris. The brown substance is made by melanin that we can find also in skin or hair. The most the melanin is concentrated and the most the iris is dark. Knowing that a complete absence of this substance creates red eyes, or purplish. Albino people have this particularity which often comes with vision issues. When a percentage of melanin is taken off the iris, a kind of blue appears. It is a way to lighten the eye iris.

Scientists explain that blue pigment might come from the brown pigment, present and common at the begining to all mankind. A gene mutation might have created blue eyes.



Sos is it the end of color contact lenses?

No, this fashion accessory has still a lot of beautiful days coming because the Stromal Medical provides that today only 20 patients have been tested during a clinical experiment. Hundreds of new patients are under study in few different countries in the goal to obtain commercial approval for the mass.


For those who cannot wait, at Doctor Gregg Homer’s clinic, you’ll have to pay $4000 for this plastic surgery which takes only few minutes and wait two to three weeks that your eyes color has fully changed.

On the other hand the result is irreversible, you must be 100% sure that you want to have another eye color for the rest of your life…