Colored Circle Lenses for Halloween Costume

Colored Circle Lenses for Halloween Costume



Halloween celebration is coming soon, here we go for a new horror, sci-fi, grotesque and funny session.

Among Halloween costumes there are always the inescapable characters as witch, vampire, demon, zombie, ugly monster, mythical creature and all the creatures seen in Hollywood movies.

Several options are possible to choose your Halloween costume, but to get a beautiful costume you need to wear circle lenses to complete it and perfectly match the character that you have decided to be.

With Korean contact lenses you will make your character more realistic and stick to the original one. Wearing circle lenses is the best way to give the final touch to a monster or a creature because on we propose a special products range made for custume or cosplay which is called “Crazy Lens” or “Cosplay Animation”.

Crazy circle lenses also called crazy Korean lenses are the best way to scare someone looking at you and you can also turn your eyes into lizard, dragon, vampire, zombie, cat and many other creatures eyes…

If you choose to find your inspiration in Hollywood movies, you could for example dress as the Mad Hatter costume played by Johnny Deep in Alice in Wonderland and wear green Korean contact lenses like the ”Vassen Bubble”. Another movie reference for which circle lenses can be useful is the strong Riddick, played by Vin Diesel, because this character has electric light blue eyes, you can wear a pair of ”Geo SF-14” to look exactly like him.

You can as well choose to wear black circle lenses to wear the Joker costume from Batman Movies, for this character you will need of course to spend time to make up your face. The best circle lenses for the joker character are “Geo Xtra Sakura”.

Another character idea is the malefic clown from the movie ”IT”, inspired from the Stephen king’s novel, this character is very freaky and scary. To look like this malefic clown you need to wear red contact lenses like the “Geo CP-S6”.

If you choose to disguise as the epic Hellraiser character, get the black Korean lenses “Geo CP-F7”.

If you prefer to be a vampire an look like Lord Dracula played by Gary Oldman, choose a red pair of circle lenses like the “Geo CP-F3”. 

Still in the Halloween spirit you can look like one of the cool hero of Avatar with his green eyes.

For this costume prefer a pair of opaque green contact lenses like the “Geo CP-F4”.

If you want to cosplay with your own creature or alien coming from your imagination, we can provide alien circle lenses like the balck and red “Geo SF-23”, the “Geo SF-24” or the black and green “Geo SF-G05”.

You now understand why is the best choice to buy safe and good quality circle lenses with incredible and amazing designs. You can find on our website circle lenses for Halloween or standard color lenses for cosmetic purpose and daily life.