Geo Best Korean Contact Lens

Geo Best Korean Contact Lens

 100% Geo Authentic Contact Lens

 Nowadays there are numerous selection of big eyes color circle contact lenses that are available on the market, but how can you be sure that they are safe for your eyes, and how to select the best circle lens brand for you ?



What is the best circle lens brand ?

There is only one brand that is always the first choice for authentic big eyes color lenses and that really stands out from other brands, Geo circle and colored contact lenses.

Geo contact lens is the leader brand and the most searched brand online among color lens companies.

Geo Medical is a well known manufacturer that has established its corporate headquarters in South Korea and their products are world renowned. You can Google Geo Medical Company Ltd. and you will see that they are one of the leading business venture enterprise of bio engineering research field and manufacturing of contact lens.

Geo is the leader manufacturer of color lenses and this company is an advance innovative company that has undergone extensive evaluation including high standards for product quality and safety for all consumers, especially teenage consumers that keep coming from all over the world such as Australia, Asian countries, Middle East countries, United states, Canada, United Kingdom, France and many European countries.

Geo contact lenses are not only the safest contact lenses for you eyes but they are also considered to be the most fashionable lenses that are available on the market for their unique colors and design or styles. You will find a wide range of interesting colors, various adorable designs and cool patterns from Geo that always makes exciting products for contact lens lovers.

Geo Medical Company’s products have been approved and given international certification:

KFDA – Korean Food & Drugs Administration

MHLW – Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

ISO 13485 – International Standard Organisation

CE – Conformité Européenne – Europe

US FDA – U S Food and Drug Administration is about to give certification


This worldwide certification means that Geo lenses can be sold and purchased in most of the countries because they are the safest circle lenses proposed by manufacturers.

The design as well as guarantee given by international certification has made Geo lenses popular in many countries, especially in Asia, America and Europe and some famous designs are exclusively manufactured for superstars in Japan and Korea.

Solution-Lens is an authorized distributor of Geo Medical circle lenses and we only distribute 100% genuine authentic contact lenses. Every pair of authentic Geo circle lenses vials come with the GEO anti fake label and a special authenticity number which allows you to check online directly on the official Geo Medical website that your lenses are genuine:

When buying circle lenses online always make sure that you order the real Geo contact lens that only trusted authorized Geo agents can supply.

It is simple and easy to order your favorite Geo contact lenses on our store as we are an official international authorized distributor of Geo products with a genuine ready-to-ship stock of colored circle lens.

We offer worldwide delivery and shipping usually takes around 10 days to USA, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries.

Also we always recommend to our customers to check their eyes at least one time before they wear color lenses for the first time but also every year by a qualified eye doctor.

After checking your eyes you will be sure to be able to wear circle lenses and you will be ready to order your favorite Geo big eye color lenses from a reputable online store that sells these products a lot cheaper than traditional shops but that gives the same guarantees.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will always be happy to help you to order your first pair of Korean circle lens.