Halloween Synthetic Wig Good Care Information

Halloween Synthetic Wig Good Care Information


Why wear a synthetic wig


Everyone has good reasons to wear wigs for Halloween or other occasions.

For some people it is a need after hair loss caused by chemotherapy ni cancer treatment as it is more difficult to live without hair for a woman than a man.

For other people, wig is just a convenient way to quickly change a look. A wig is always ready to be worn and a good way to be sophisticate and stylish in few seconds like a chameleon. You can turn your short hair into long hair, straight hair into curly hair, black hair into pink… Thanks to wig you can follow your mood, seasons, trends or at the opposite, create your own style and don’t follow the main fashion stream.

As you can see, there are many advantages to wear wig, the big plus is, no more need to spend a lot of money at hairdressers that cost an arm and leg.



Where to buy a synthetic wig


Do you use for the first time a synthetic wig as the wigs sold on Solution-Lens.com ?

Do you want to enjoy for long time your wig and keep its beautiful reflects and colors, its colored locks, softness, curls, waves and keep its original aspect ?

Synthetic hair wigs are valuable products, they are resistant, beautiful, light, comfortable and easy to take care. We want to share with you some tips to help you keep your wig in its original shape, follow these recommendations and you won’t need to buy a new wig often, but please don’t tell your friends as we prefer that they shop on our store often.

Wash a synthetic wig


– To wash your wig, you can’t use usual hair shampoo, you must use a special product especially made for wig purpose. This product will take care the synthetic fibers. The other option is to use baby shampoo because it is very soft and wont damage the synthetic fibers.

– You can’t clean your wig in hot or lukewarm. In fact, fibers don’t like hot temperatures that can distort the synthetic fibers of your wig and make it ruffled or unusable. The only solution is to use cold water.

– While cleaning the wig, don’t rub it the way you usually make a shampoo, you could rip off the hair from the base. Prefer soaking the wig in cold water and special shampoo. Lift it up and down time to time and rinse your wig with clear cold water.

Dry a synthetic wig


– After washing you wig you cannot use a hair-dryer, you have to let it drain and dry in the air.

Be careful not to let your wig dry close to a heater and prefer a windy place.

– When your wig is wet, let it dry on a head model display. If the wig is just a bit humid you can finish to dry it on your own head. It is very important to follow this step to keep the right shape of your wig.


Brush and dye a synthetic wig


– Do not brush your wig when it is still wet, it is necessary to wait until it is fully dry.

– Don’t dye your wig with natural dyes, you have to use specific products to do it. 

– For curly hair wig, don’t use any hair brush or comb to do your hair wig.

Simply use your fingers to untangle the wig. For wig with regular straight hair, prefer a soft brush as baby hair brush. If the hair is too difficult to untangle you have to use a special synthetic wig conditioning hair.

– Banish curling iron and flat iron if you don’t want to burn out your wig.



Now that you are aware about the best ways to take good care of your synthetic wig, you are ready to make it last for a long time.

Since your are an expert, you can increase your wig collection with more colors. Think that it is very important to make your eyes match your wig, for example if you have a flashy purple wig, you should wear a beautiful and affordable pair of purple circle lenses available on Solution-Lens.com.

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