How to Make Up Like a Doll for Halloween

How to Make Up Like a Doll for Halloween


For Halloween you don’t necessary need to look ugly, scary to freak out other people especially if your are with a guy that you would like to seduce. Maybe you would like to look pretty and sexy instead of being a freaky monster as we can usually see during Halloween night.

So you can be gorgeous and fit to Halloween theme with a doll makeup that will enhance your natural beauty.

Halloween Doll Costume

 First you have to choose your doll clothes. To do this there are millions possibilities, it’s all about the style that you like. For example you can choose a cute little pastel color flower dress, a black lace emo dress, a kawaii pink dress, etc…

But to make a real transformation, what is the most needed is a pair of decorative circle lenses that will give you the “Dolly Eye” effect. These circle lenses or Korean lenses make the illusion that your eyes are bigger than usual.

Circle lenses are actually wider than your iris, in the meantime they will cover your iris plus a part of the white surface close to the iris.

The good thing is that circle lenses exist in many different colors like gold, silver, pink, purple, orange, red, yellow, blue, green, hazel, brown. In addition to this amount of color there are numerous different designs available for each color. Have a look at left menu to see our circle lenses by color, you can also SEE ALL COLORS HERE.

We provide high quality genuine products only and they are yearly contact lenses.

Doll Makeup Tips

To make up like a doll, you need at first to get a porcelain skin complexion, so don’t hesitate to use a lot of white foundation which can be liquid or powder. Depending which foundation you have chosen you will need a brush, a makeup sponge or simply your fingers. For a best result you can combine a fluid foundation and powder. Finish with the brush to remove the powder excess. Blush your cheeks with a pink or light orange blush and a soft brush.


For the girls lucky enough to have long eyelashes you can use an eyelash curler and mascara to get beautiful doll eye. For the other ones don’t worry, you can use fake eyelashes, they are beautiful and exist in numerous designs with different materials and color like purple feather for example.


About your eyelids use a pink eyeshadow and draw your eye contour with a black eyeliner, be careful not to use the eyliner on the edge close to your eye, you could damage your circle lenses.


With your eyeliner draw your eyes larger than they are to make the illusion that they are bigger, like a doll. Add more shadow with a purple or a darker pink on your eyelids. For your lips prefer gloss instead of lipstick and choose a pastel tone like light pink.


Now you are ready to be a sexy Halloween doll. But if you want to give a real Halloween touch to this transformation you could for example create a zombie or scary doll like the photo under. For this makeup a pair of white circle lenses from will be perfect.

We wish you a happy Halloween :-) .