Islam and Color Contact Lenses

Islam and Color Contact Lenses


Muslim girls, women and men like to wear color contact lenses, these accessories are not “haram” (sinful) and can be use by all Muslims.

Cosmetic circle lenses or corrective contact lenses are allowed by the Muslim community because mostly contact lenses are used for medical purposes, some to correct nearsightedness, longsightedness, astigmatism or others vision issues. There is nothing bad to wear corrective contact lenses if you are muslim and it is the same for plano lenses without correction.

Cosmetic contact lenses wich are colorful lenses with patterns can also correct your vision and they are not prohibited to Muslim people if they respect the other rules of their religion and the four pillars of Islam.

Muslim women, girls or men can wear plano cosmetic contact lenses without correction too. These lenses sometimes called Korean lenses can make the iris bigger than usual and give the feeling to others that your eyes are bigger. For a first try choose the green color because this is the color of Islam and one of the most popular color of color lenses.

Of course color lenses shouldn’t be worn to change what Allah (Muslim god) has created, but contact lenses can be worn by a women if they help her to have a better life. Allah gave to every woman a beauty which can be enhanced to satisfy her husband. A beauty enhancement should not break the rules of Islam and respect the Sharia (Muslim law), so contact color lenses are not a problem at all.

Wearing color lenses is not ”haram” because it doesn’t involve surgery and doesn’t change the color of your eyes permanently. Wearing of circle lenses is not over the top for Muslim religion because a woman wearing lenses doesn’t do something excessive to be more beautiful or more attractive. Islam is a religion based on moderation and normally doesn’t approve extreme acts. Color lenses are not classified in the category of what is not acceptable for Islam and they are even recommended in some cases.

There are two categories of contact lenses available on the market:

– Corrective contact lenses used to correct visual problems, they should be prescribed by a practitioner as an ophthalmologist or an optician.

– Cosmetic circle lenses also called Korean lenses or color lenses that are made to enhanced the look, these lenses are available in many different diameters and an incredible choice of colors and motifs. These contact lenses can be corrective as well, but most of the time they are worn by people who use them for cosplay or just to change their daily look.

Color lenses are used to change the color of women and men eyes who want to be more beautiful When Muslim people wear Korean lenses for their wife or husband there is nothing wrong with it. The only problem for Islam would be if the man or the woman wear Korean lenses to seduce or push others look at her/him, Muslim religion doesn’t allow “fitna” (temptation).

Contact lenses should not cause injuries and should be used to cheat or dupe others. For example when a Muslim lady meets her future husband for the first time this is not acceptable to hide the truth by not telling him that she’s wearing contact lenses. If there is no secret then the lady is free to wear her circle lenses.

If they respect all the Islam rules Muslims women and men are free to wear Korean contact lenses when they want to. Muslim women can wear their circle lenses without scarf on their head but it depends in which country they are living. The Muslim scarf is also called khimar, hijab, burka, chador, al-amira and is another fashion accessories that Muslim love.