Things to Know Before Wearing Contact Lens or Circle Lens for the First Time

Things to Know Before Wearing Contact Lens or Circle Lens for the First Time


Your might be worried about wearing contact lenses for the first time, you are afraid to get hurt and wonder about many things. To help you, here is a list of what you need to know before wearing soft contact lenses or circle lenses.


#1 Does everybody can wear contact or circle lenses?
If you are not suffering from any eye disease, then you are free to wear any kind of soft contact lens, corrective or not. The only difference with corrective soft contact lenses and cosmetic circle lenses is that for the first one you will need a prescription from an eye practitioner.


#2 Is it possible to clean contact lenses with soap and tap water ?
Absolutely not, this is very dangerous and something to avoid. Tap water contains germs which can cause eye infection. You can only use multi-purpose solution care with your contact lenses.


#3 Does medical prescription is different for soft contact lens and corrective glasses?
Yes the prescription will be different because your ophthalmologist will tell you what is your base curve (BC), the unit will be millimeter (mm). This information will help you to find the right contact lens that will fit the best your cornea.


#4 Can I wear contact lenses to play sport ?
Yes for sure and this is the best option if you have vision issues because you can get rid of your glasses and feel free of your movements. They are just not recommended for sport involving hard contacts like MMA fighting, rugby, kickboxing, USA boxing, American Football…


#5 How to take good care of contact lenses ?
It is not difficult, all you need to do after removing your contact lenses is to put them into their case and soak them into a multi-purpose solution. This solution will moisturize and sterilize as well as kill all bacteria.


#6 How long can I wear soft contact lenses daily ?
It depends on what model and what brand but mostly you can keep contact lenses on from 10 to 12 hours everyday.


#7 Can I use physiological serum to rinse and clean contact lenses?
Not at all, they have to be disinfected and cleaned only with a special contact lens care solution.


#8 Can I take a bath or take a shower with contact lenses ?
You better not, because as we said above, tap water contain bacteria which could infect your contact lenses and your eyes. Usually it is better to take off your lenses before cleaning your face.


#9 Can I sleep with contact lenses?
Except few contacts types made for this purpose, soft contact lenses or circle lenses are generally not made to sleep with. Forget about keeping them a whole night but if you decide to take a nap then you will have to hydrate your eyes and contact lenses with eye drops before you sleep and when you wake up.


#10 Can I wear contact or circle lenses with glasses ?
If you wear cosmetic contact lenses you can of course wear your prescription glasses. But if you wear corrective contact lenses you will have to choose between them and your glasses, this is good to give your eyes some rest.


#11 Can my contact lens drop from my eye ?
It cannot happen except if you get a hard shock on the head.


If you follow all these recommendations you won’t have any trouble with your contact lenses or your eyes. Remember that only a bad care of your contact lenses can make eye infections or other eye disease. Often people complaining about contact or circle lenses are responsible for what happened to them. An unused contact lens in a sealed vial is always 100% sterile, which make it safe and healthy.


Take care of your contact lens as the apple of your eyes and you will be able to use them all your life.