Which Korean Lens for Halloween Party

Which Korean Lens for Halloween Party?



In the modern time that we are living you cannot miss the popularity of circle lenses especially for special event like Halloween. Color lenses will give the final touch that you need to your costume and make your transformation perfectly achieved.

Impossible to imagine zombie or mummy cosplay without white or light gray contact lenses. The same for a Twilight’s vampire without red or yellow color lenses, impossible too to look like a Barbie doll or Japan anime character without circle lenses. Contact lenses are a must have when you practice cosplay. Many styles, patterns or colors are available, what do you think about purple or pink circle lenses or if you want to play a movie character of Avatar why don’t you try yellow or green color lens?

People who don’t know yet what character to choose for their costume and what color of lens to wear on Halloween celebration have to take a look at our special Halloween catalog on Solution-Lens.com. Our catalog has the biggest choice of Halloween lenses. You can find basic Halloween lenses with just plain colors or amazing circle lenses with black cross, aces, smiley, cat eye, dragon eye, naruto shippuden, monster eye and more. Our lenses are 100% safe because they are from genuine trusted brands, the best on the market and well known by professionals and customers. You will find trusted brands like Vassen, Geo Medical, Dueba and Dreamcon.

Dare to wear the special Halloween lenses from Geo, the choice of patterns proposed, made especially for Halloween celebration, is really incredible.

These lenses are also called CRAZY LENSES. Very trendy now, crazy lenses will be an advantage to get the attention of people that you want to scare or just surprise by your weird look. These crazy lenses will make your iris diameter look larger than usual, your eyes will look bigger thanks to this “dolly eyes” effect. Crazy contact lenses will give you a chance to be remarkable and make sensation, you could wear yellow wild cat lens, lizard eyes, green frog eyes or hypnotizing circle lenses with spiral on it. You can also choose to wear patterns like pirate flag on the lens or spider web to look like Spiderman. If you like sport like soccer you can even find in our catalog a soccer ball lens, star and moon lens for Muslims, David star for Jews or black lens for Gothics.

Best deals are available on our online boutique Solution-Lens.com for Halloween, it would be crazy to miss enjoying our incredible offers. Did you know that all our circle lenses are shipped for free? You can live in New-York, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Cape Town, Sidney, Cambera, Oakland, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo or somewhere else in the world, still Solution-Lens will ship your circle lenses order for free. Our circle lenses are not more expensive than the usual color lenses. We propose  unbeatable offers like BUY 2 GET 1 MORE FREE, BUY 5 GET 2 MORE FREE and BUY 10 GET 5 MORE FREE, incredible !

We also offer the fastest free shipping if you order at least 5 contact lens pairs: we offer free EMS shipping and once again anywhere you live.

So, from now on, remember to order your Halloween contact lenses on our store before enjoying your Halloween party with friends or family. Impress them with your crazy look and enjoy to see them scream.

Happy Halloween and see you soon on Solution-Lens.com.