Working in Front of Computer Screen While Wearing Soft Contact Lens

Working in Front of Computer Screen While Wearing Soft Contact Lens


Working for too long in front of a computer screen and wearing contact lenses is most of the time not a problem but it could be a danger for your health and your eyes if you do not read these important instructions.

We recommend you to pay attention to some symptoms that could indicate vision issue like, tingling, blur vision, burning, color distortion, headaches and light hyper sensitivity. These reactions can be caused by different reasons. One of them is the computer screen luminosity or contrast which hasn’t been well set. It could be also a wrong lighting in the room, a physical fatigue, a too powerful air conditioning, a room over heating or simply an abusive used of the computer.


To give you the right idea of the problem, according to an American survey, few millions people wearing contact lenses suffer from eyestrain, which is nothing compared to how many people wear contact lenses.

The common symptoms linked to computer users is dry eyes. It is caused by a direct ventilation on the face and the fact that when someone is focusing on a computer screen, eyes are less blinking. The consequence is that your eyes are not properly moisturized by tears. This problem is amplified by soft contact lenses which contain a high percentage of water and are hydrophilic (water absorbing). When the soft contact lenses are dry they attend to literally pump the tears of the eyes. But do not worry as there is an easy solution !


In case of physiological disorder, use a moisturizing eye drop which is like tears. Try as well to use a different multi-purpose lens solution, often it appears that each brand of contact lens needs a specific brand of contact lens care solution. It is also recommended to adapt and rethink your workspace ergonomically.


If with all these recommendations you still have eyes issues, don’t hesitate to visit an eye doctor to have a real diagnostic.


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