How to Make my Own Fake Skin For Halloween

How to Make my Own Fake Skin For Halloween

Knowing how to make a fake skin will help you to create a scar, wound, injury or burnt skin.

Master the technique of making fake skin can be a good way to save money if you want to dress like a zombie, monster or any other creature for Halloween.

Different techniques exist to make fake skin, check out the following ones that we share with you:


 Technique #1, make fake skin with glue

Pour non-toxic wood adhesive or white liquid paper glue in a cup, add makeup foundation and stir it up until you get a color close to your skin tone, the mix has to be homogeneous but not too liquid, it has to look like a paste. Pour your mixture on a plastic film like the one use to cover notebooks, now you can use a tea spoon to create your scar and give the shape that you want. Let it dry and wait around 5 hours, then you can take off your scar from the plastic film.

Now you have to apply the same glue that we used at the beginning on your skin at the area you want to put your scar. Stick the scar that we prepared earlier on it. All you need to do now is to apply foundation powder or gel on the fake scar and your skin, with this trick we shouldn’t notice any difference between your scar and your skin anymore. For the final step, use fake blood to make it looks real, click on the following link to learn how to make fake blood.

Technique #2, make fake skin with gelatin

The other technique to make fake skin for Halloween uses gelatin that is sold as a powder.

All you have to do to get this gelatin is to add cold water and warm it 1 or 2 minutes in a microwave, don’t make it boil.

Your gelatin has to be thick and gummy to stick perfectly on your skin, but wait don’t apply it yet ! You have to add glycerin and foundation before you give your skin color to the mixture.


Technique #3, make latex fake skin  like professional FX

The last technique is used by professionals for Hollywood movies FX, it’s liquid latex.

Latex gives the best result because it looks realistic and it is very resistant. You can buy your liquid latex very easily online. Once you get it, all you have to do is use it directly on the body and give the shape needed. As the other techniques you can make scars, cuts, wounds, etc…

When you have finished and feel happy with the result, you just need to use a hair dryer to make it hard. Even dry, the latex texture will be like rubber, soft, flexible and elastic.


Remember that you can add more foundation on the latex and the skin until you are satisfied of the result. Do not hesitate to be generous with blood especially if it’s a Halloween makeup.




If you plan to get a zombie or monster face and use your fake skin and blood, think that your costume will be perfectly complete with a scary pair of white circle lenses for example, the white GEO CP-F1


For the first time you will enjoy having injuries because they are not painful.

You will laugh at people scared while looking at you for this Halloween.

Happy Halloween to everyone!