Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

My first review ( Review - Vassen Hanabi Pink

Hello everyone ヾ(●ω●)ノ!

I am doing my debut here with my first purchase from SOLUTION-LENS.COM and I must say, I am now their fan and will purchase even more from them <3 ! So, as these were my first contact lenses ever, I was a bit nervous; however, I took a shot, since Solution Lenses were having (and still are) incredible promotions: I could not resist the quality and acceptable price! I received them really quick and with a smile in my face (the package was so cute, and came with the lenses + lenses case + 1 pair of hearings + 1 adorable pen)

Some information about them:

  • Model: Vassen Hanabi Pink
  • Diameter: 15.0 mm
  • Water: 55%
  • Base curve: 8.6
  • 1 year disposable

What is the natural color of your eyes? : dark brown;

What are your favorite contact lenses colors and brands? : I really liked the pink color ones and I also ordered blue ones, which I hope to review soon. The brands I enjoy the most (based on others reviews) are GEO and Vassen, although I wouldn't mind getting other brand if I liked the design;

Do you often wear color lenses? : I do not, but now I get the chance to do it more often;

What contact lenses do you like on our store? : I know it's to vague, but I really like them all. They are all so pretty! Although Dueba King Gray, GEO XTRA COLOR NINE RED WAN-A48 and MIMI Emotion Green, all available on the store - links on the end-, really got my attention They may be my next ones! 

Where did you find our store? : Instagram

Is our website easy to browse? : It really is! I already have visited others, but this one is pretty easy : you can search either for a specific color, brand and size!

Is our customer service quick? : Indeed, it really was, since they came from Asia to Portugal faster from what I expected!

What do you think about the lens color? : They really have a soft color, which can be noticed on both natural and artificial lights! (9/10)

What do you think about the lens comfort? (10/10) Wow, I was stunned! On the initial ten minutes, my eyes burned a bit and I felt a tiny pain, but then, it was back to normal and I wore them a couple of hours without any more pain!

What do you think about the lens enlargement? (10/10) The 15.0 mm really allows a dolly-look, just like I wanted (not too much, not to less)

What do you think about the lens design? : (10/10) The hurricane design and the outer corner black ring really helps your eyes to look bigger, yet, on a natural way. They are perfect to a dolly effect!

What is your overall opinion about the lenses? (10/10) Really good material and design! I highly recommend you! 

What is your overall opinion about our store? : Keep doing such an amazing job ! While searching on the website, sometimes I found lenses profile lacking photos on others eyes; I think that may dis-motivate someone buying them, due to some fear about the final result! I don't know any more ways for you to improve because your services and products are already great!

Also, try and check their giveaway ->

Here are the pics:

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

The difference from one with and to the other without any lenses is pretty big

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

A close-up. You can perfectly see the effect the lenses give <3

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

As I said, perfect to a dolly-look!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Pink

Thank you very much , hope you enjoyed (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red










PRICE $19.90


Delivered in envelope with some bonus stuff (pen+earrings). Delivery took 4 weeks.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

I really loved that lens case and these earrings!

But let's show the lenses now.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Contact Lens Review Vassen Hanabi Red

Vassen Hanabi Red are my first contact lenses and I am fully satisfied. At first I was really afraid to put them in, but after some attempts I did it and there was no reason to be afraid, because the lenses are comfortable to wear. I almost don't feel them on my eyes.

My lenses are from, The delivery didn't take so long as they wear ordered from Asia.

Halloween has passed already, but if you are still seeking for scary look, I recommend these lenses to you <3



Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Hi sweeties,

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but with the winter break and all the festivities.

Today I'm here to review my new lenses, which are kindly sponsored by Solution Lens YAY.

As always even if they're sponsored this is my sincere opinion.

- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?

You know that I love my circle lenses, even if I don't wear them everyday, but because I love putting makeup looks together they're amazing to add something special to a look. And the times that I wear them more everyday I usually wear my EOS Jewel in Grey because they're similar to my natural eye color but still with a little something.

- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?

I don't have a favorite brand since I haven't tried a lot of them. As for colors I really like natural looking ones like grey, green, brown for when I just want to wear them like that, but when I want a more dramatic look I really like violet lenses, I think they blend beautifully with my eyes and give quite a mermaidy faery look. This time I didn't know which circle lenses I was receiving so that made it much more exciting, but first let's start with some questions about the shop itself.

- Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends...) ?

This shop is quite easily to find in google, even if I don't feel like it is that known around other social media, I found it searching for new shops and I was really interested because they have some really good deals.

- Is our website easy to visit / browse ?

Solution Lens is a great page since it has a huge, I mean HUGE, selection of brands, styles an all in lots of colors so it's great if you're looking for something a little crazier or if you're searching something a little more wearable, I'm sure you can find it here, also the page is super easy to search in.

- Is our customer service good / quick ?

Yes it is, when I was talking with the person that was in contact with me it was everything really fast and really informative, I didn't had a problem what so ever.

- What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?

I have another post about this, and I'd put it here but then this post would be super photo heavy, so there's a link to my faves post

Let's jump right into the review.

The package that I received was super well secured, in one of those bubblewrap envelopes, and inside it a little box like thing wraped in more bubblewrap and then you get to this super cute little box thing that has your lenses inside with even more bubblewrap, so yeah super super secure.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown


Also with the lens it comes a little and super cute lens case, and amazingly cute pen with two colors that is already my favorite pen in my pencil case. And a pair of super cute little earrings, I don't wear earrings myself, but if I did this are super cute little Hello Kitties.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown


The lenses that I receives are the Dueba Winnie in Brown, and I'd say I LOVE them. They're super vibrant and super comfortable, the only down turn is that they only sell plano lenses, this means that they don't have prescription, and since I'm a little glass person I prefer my lenses to be with prescription, but this are so cute and the color is so bam that I can wear them under my glasses and they still show.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

 Look at how cute the little vial is.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown


They are really comfy and they have a water content of 38-42% which also is pretty common, I haven't wore them for a long period of time but I think that there should be no problem with them, no dry eyes, no irritation, but DON'T FORGET that you have to let them in your solution for at least 8 hours because the liquid in the vials is too harsh for your eyes, and you don't want to damage your eyes, I know the first thing you want to do is put them in, but please wait a little.

Let's start with some close ups of me wearing them in different lightnings.

- What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?

Well here a photo with no lenses in so you can have a look at my real eye color.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown


As you can see is a kind of grey that mostly changes with the different light.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown


Here is one in, in indoor light

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown


Both of them in, indoor light

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Both in, some makup on, i love those eyelashes by the way, in outdoor light.

Here are some photos of me wearing them,

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

I'm freaking in love with them.

Ugg I love them so much, they're amazing.

- What do you think about lens color ? 5/5

Totally impresed with how bright they show on my eyes, since I feel like circle lenses tend to blend into light eyes. I love it, I don't know why but I feel a little vampire like with them.

- What do you think about lens comfort ? 5/5

Super comfortable, they're soft and I didn't have any problems with them, but still I have to test them in a long run.

- What do you think about lens enlargement ? 5/5

I like it, is not like super on you face huge eyes, but still it makes a difference with my real eye size and I have quite big eyes.

- What is your overall opinion about the lenses ? 5/5

I love them, i just love them, they're bright and change completly my look, I feel bold and fierce with them in.

- What is your overall opinion about our store ? 4/5

I'm going to be sincere here, I love it but that it doesn't have prescription lenses sucks a little, for me not so much but maybe they're losing other clients because of that. But otherwise I love it. Super fast arrival even with the festivities, less than a month!

Don't forget that they have a permanent giveaway in their facebook and that you can win a free pair of circle lenses: link!!

I hope you liked this review, I have more to come :3

Contact Lens Review Dueba Winnie Brown

See you cuties >3<

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown review: vassen maki gold brown

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

This review doesn’t have any photo edition or make up in my skin and eyes. That way it’ll be more like the real lens you’ll get!

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review.

I bought these lenses: . They’re Vassen, so I went heads over heels over them, and I’d already known that they’d be good.

So, let’s take a look at them!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

The vial they came in. Cutesy cute.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

This is how they looked inside the vial.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

An extra shot of the vials for size comparison.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

and inside the case. They look pretty vibrant, and they looked exactly so in my eyes. At this point I was dying to try them on. (also: cute Rilakkuma case is cute.)

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

This is how they look with flash! They’re vibrant, REALLY noticeable, really big, and REALLY yellow. Just what I wanted.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Without flash they look the same, since they’re very opaque.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Size comparison, on natural light.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

And here you can see the design in detail. It mixes both green and yellow, giving a nice effect.




Brown, and my style varies. I use contact lenses mostly for cosplay.


Vassen, GEO and Super Pinky. I like pink and light blue/blue lenses, and I have yet to find a purple and a green one that I like.


I wear sometimes for daily usage Vassen lenses. For cosplay I use Vassen, Geo and Super Pinky.


I think I found it when I googled about good online stores :)


There are lots of lenses! These ones are the ones I like the most:

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Mimi Colornine Pink - I want to try this brand :3

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Vassen First Love Green

Contact Lens Review Vassen Maki Gold Brown

Vassen Allure Hyper Green


Yes it is. You might take some time to get accustomed to it, but then you see the vast variety of lenses the site has to offer.


Absolutely! I had a question when I ordered, I wrote to them, and they replied immediately and answered my question.


It’s awesome. I’ve been wanting a yellow lens for a long time and this is perfect.


It’s very good. You don’t feel the lenses in your eyes and they’re easy to put on.


Great, too! Makes my eyes pop out, and it can both look creepy or cute, depending on the style.


I loved them. They are just what I wanted.


It’s awesome! There are lots of lenses and lots of promotions, so buying here is always nice. Also, all the gifts included in the package just makes the overall experience nice all around.

You could add additive filter options (like color/size/brand) and an option to not show lenses that are out of stock, and another option to see which ones are up for preorder. The layout could be updated a little, to make it easier to add/delete things from your cart. Having some more customer photos would be nice, even more with the lenses that are not everywhere and thus there are no photos over the web, but I think that it’ll come within a short time ^^

Overall, it was a nice experience, and I will keep on buying there. I have told my friends to do so, too!


NAME: Vassen Maki Gold Brown / Vassen Kimchi Brown

SIZE: The vial says 14.5 mm of diameter, but on the site they’re listed as 15.0mm.


MY RATING: COLOR: ★★★★ It’s really vibrant and opaque, though it’s yellow instead of brown. It’s what I wanted, but maybe the name can confuse you. It’s great that the demo photos are just what the lenses look like

ENLARGEMENT: ★★★★★ Just what I wanted. Very large, with a limbal ring.

COMFORT: ★★★.5 Very comfortable, as any Vassen lens. They’re a little too thick (which for me makes it easier to put on), and the design is so opaque that sometimes it clutters your vission. But they’re comfortable to wear, they don’t itch and you don’t feel them in your eyes (notice how my eyes are not red, and I had just put them on).


Loved them!

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Dueba Tiger Pink Solution-lens Review~


Hello every one!

I've got another nifty little review for you, brought to you by!

What am I reviewing?

Dueba Tiger/Ash Pink Circle Lenses!

Firstly, photos!

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Nice little gifts again.

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tiger Pink

Here is a link to the lenses:

Water content 38-42%

Base curve 8.6 1 year disposable

(recommended use for 4-6 months)

Review time!

Overall Comfort: ***** 5 Stars.

The lenses were very comfortable, and didn't feel like I was wearing circle lenses.

Overall Color: ** 2-3 Stars.

Pretty disappointed with the color, they barely provide much of a color difference on my blue eyes and the design isn't exactly the best imo.

Overall Design: ** 2 Stars.

The design is like that of a tiger, of course since that's the name. I did not really care for the design, as it seems rather unnatural and I like a gradual fade to the black ring around my lenses rather than sharp, long lines.

Overall Enlargement ***** 5 Stars,

14.5mm, definitely enlarge especially with the darkness.

Overall Review: *** 2-3 Stars,

The color is not even there, the design is very odd and unnatural on my eyes and I didn't exactly care how little there was pink. Maybe it would look better on brown eyes?

Questions from

And here are the questions they provided me with:

- What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?

It is greyish-blue and round.

-What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?

I like Geo and Dueba.

- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?

Only during cosplay and for fashion, and I enjoy Geo and Dueba,

- Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends...)

Your website.

- What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?

I like vassen cherry red

- Is our website easy to visit / browse ?

Yes it quite easy to use, especially with the side bar of brands and names.

- Is our customer service good / quick ?

The only time I've got ahold of customer service was when they said I did the giveaway wrong and were quite rude, other than that I don't know..

- What do you think about lens color ?

Not good at all. There was barely a pink color showing up on my eyes, the black overlapped it.

- What do you think about lens comfort ?

Barely noticeable!

- What do you think about lens enlargement ?

Very enlargement, especially 14.5mm

- What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?

I did not like them, the design nor the color was very good.

- What is your overall opinion about our store ?

Easy to use with a wide variety of selection.

Is there monthly giveaway, Thank you for reading my review!

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue   

(Italian Review)

Recensione Geo twins blue (italiano)

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

hi! questa è una piccola recensione sponsorizzata da Ho già scritto una corrispondente in inglese questo blog e qui posto la controparte in italiano con la struttura da Q&A richiesta dal negozio ^^

qual'è il tuo colore di occhi naturale?

i miei occhi sono di un marrone molto scuro e per questo mi è piuttosto difficile trovare un paio di lenti a contatto colorate che siano allo stesso tempo coprenti e realistiche. infatti la maggior parte delle volte o sono molto coprenti e quindi il colore si riesce a notare da lontano ma con un effetto molto "finto" o hanno un effetto realistico sembrando però inesistenti se viste da lontano o con poca luce.

Quali sono i tuoi brand e colori di lenti a contatto preferiti?

Solitamente preferisco, per gusti, le lenti a contatto blu/azzurre, soprattutto quando hanno sfumature di giallo o grigio all'interno o ricordano il verde. insomma mi piacciono i colori un po' ambigui. Uno dei miei marchi preferiti è GEO. Ho provato molte lenti a contatto della Geo e mi sono sempre trovata bene senza aver avuto problemi di infezioni o cose simili. Mi piacciono molto anche le lenti a contatto che creano l'effetto di un occhio più grande ma non quelle esagerate che danno più un aspetto da bambola o alieno.

Indossi spesso lenti a contatto (quali marche)?

indosso le lenti a contatto principalmente per il cosplay quindi non le indosso giornalmente (ma quando lo faccio le tengo addosso anche per una intera giornata di fiera, quindi dalle 7 alle 10 ore, cosa che secondo me non bisognerebbe fare con delle lenti a contatto giornalmente). mi capita ogni tanto anche di indossarle per uscire ma non guido mai con le lenti addosso perchè spesso con le luci e i riflessi tendo a vedere sfocato e questo potrebbe rivelarsi pericoloso alla guida. in ogni caso non sono alla ricerca di lenti a contatto da usare giornalmente ma solo in poche situazioni come fiere e photoshot.

Dove hai trovato il nostro negozio?

ho trovato mentre cercavo su internet un sito per lenti a contatto che avesse delle lenti particolarmente coprenti per uno dei miei cosplay. dopo averle provate mi sono trovata bene e ho deciso di continuare a fidarmi del negozio per provare diverse tipologie di lenti, più realistiche o di colori diversi.

Quali lenti ti piacciono del nostro negozio?

linko qui sotto alcune delle lenti che hanno attirato la mia attenzione e che mi piacerebbe provare... per il resto quelle che mi sono piaciute si possono trovare nelle recensioni del mio blog principale (che prima o poi trascriverò qui in italiano)


Mimi Colornine Pink

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Geon Nudy Green

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Vassen Cici Violet

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Il nostro sito è facile da visitare?

personalmente trovo che il sito sia facile da visitare e abbastanza intuitivo tuttavia la grafica non è molto accattivante rispetto a molti altri negozi di lenti a contatto online.

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

il packaging è carino e fatto con abbastanza cura da proteggere le cose all'interno. poi vi è tutto l'imballaggio necessario per la spedizione delle lenti. per adesso sono quelle che mi sono arrivate più protette. Insieme al paio di lenti da me richieste mi sono arrivati anche un paio di orecchini e una penna/topolino con il marchio del sito.

Il nostro servizio per i compratori è buono/veloce?

la risposta alle mail per quanto riguarda la mia esperienza è sempre stata molto rapida (forse sono riuscita io a capire gli orari giusti, non lo so con certezza). Le risposte sono gentili e buone. Il pacchetto è arrivato molto velocemente, in circa due settimane di tempo da quando ho ordinato il paio di lenti. per adesso è uno dei servizi più veloci che ho ricevuto. ordinando da altri siti ho provato a ricevere i prodotti in un tempo tra le tre e le quattro settimane.

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

La custodia delle lenti è quella base del sito. se ne possono ordinare (a pagamento) di più carine ma personalmente ritengo che questa sia molto bella e funzionale (con colori diversi per distinguere lente destra dalla lente sinistra). ne hanno di diversi colori dato che in un ordine differente ne ho ricevuta una azzurra e arancione.

Geo Twins Blue

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue


Lenti: GEO Twins Blue

Marca: GEO

Contenuto di acqua: 38% – 42%

Diametro: 14.2 mm (il diametro più grande disponibile in negozio è 15.00mm)

Durata: un anno

Prezzo: 19$ / 17€

Lenti graduate: non disponibili

Che cosa pensi del colore delle lenti?

Dato che i miei occhi sono di un castano molto scuro per me non è semplice trovare un paio di lenti a contatto che diano allo stesso tempo una buona copertura e un effetto naturale. credo in questo caso di aver trovato un paio di lenti ideali per i miei occhi! le sfumature gialle fondono la lente con il colore base dell'occhio scuro e fanno da tramite tra due colori diversi come l'azzurro e il marrone. così l'effetto è quello di un azzurro naturale che cambia verso il grigio o addirittura verso il verde in base alla luce. Penso che siano parecchio adatte ai cosplay di personaggi realistici (videogames e film) e ad essere portate come lenti colorate abituali (anche se sconsiglierei a chiunque di indossarle per troppo tempo).

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Che cosa ne pensi della comodità delle lenti?

Questo paio di lenti è abbastanza comodo da indossare. sono riuscita a metterle al primo tentativo senza avere i lacrimoni agli occhi (cosa che mi succede spesso con le lenti a contatto). Non ho avuto nessun problema a indossarle per un giorno intero durante una fiera (le ho tenute per circa 10 ore) sentendo al massimo un po' di secchezza all'occhio e un po' di stanchezza ( non avevo mai indossato le lenti per così tanto però). Non ho avuto grossi problemi con le luci: niente lacrime e sfocature abbastanza contenute. ho notato però di avere qualche difficoltà nello scattare delle fotografie con le lenti a contatto, facendo fatica a mettere a fuoco dal mirino della macchina fotografica vedendo tutto sempre un po' sfocato.

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Cosa pensi dell'effetto di ingrandimento dell'occhio?

Non amo particolarmente i grandi ingrandimenti sullo stile dell'occhio da bambola o da alieno. non mi piace tanto avere quell'aspetto se il personaggio non lo richiede. credo che questo diametro sia la giusta via di mezzo tra un occhio naturale e uno invece dall'aspetto molto ingigantito.

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Qual'è la tua impressione complessiva delle lenti?

La marca Geo per me è sempre stata una buona garanzia di lenti buone, non mi sono mai trovata male con un paio di lenti del genere e non sono mai incappata in lenti difettose. Mi sono totalmente innamorata dell'effetto naturale di questo paio di lenti che fanno sembrare i miei occhi veramente azzurri e chiari senza sembrare finti. Sono delle lenti sia coprenti che naturali, ideali appunto per chi vuole indossarle per andare in giro tutti i giorni (ma per un numero limitato di ore), per uscire con gli amici o per dei personaggi in cosplay che richiedono un effetto più naturale (videogiochi realistici e telefilm). non le consiglierei per un cosplay di un personaggio tratto da un manga o un anime, anche se ho provato a usarle con Ryuko non mi hanno convinto del tutto. Non mi sento di consigliarle per chi vuole farne giornalmente un utilizzo prolungato (per esempio 7 ore) perchè credo stancherebbero molto l'occhio. questo tuttavia non lo consiglierei con nessun paio di lenti a contatto colorate.

Qual'è la tua impressione complessiva del negozio?

Il servizio del negozio è buono e la scelta delle lenti è sempre in aumento con nuovi arrivi. ci sono anche dei marchi in più rispetto alla prima volta che ho comprato da loro. è evidente che stanno cercando di espandersi e di aumentare la loro offerta. Come negozio fa un sacco di promozioni, ha un giveaway permanente e spedisce gratis. in tutto ciò anche i prezzi sono buoni e variano in base alla tipologia di lente a contatto. Mancano tuttavia le lenti con effetti più particolari come quelle che si illuminano al buio o le sclera. Un'altra cosa che può migliorare è la grafica del sito che non è per niente accattivante rispetto ai venditori rivali. tuttavia il servizio è buono e non mi sono ancora arrivate lenti difettose e questo è l'importante. Ho sentito anche parlare male di questo negozio per via di foto rubate a delle blogger e lenti non corrispondenti alle GEO. Per ora le due paia di lenti che ho provato corrispondono alle GEO vendute in altri negozi online e non mi hanno dato problemi di alcuna sorta se non la stanchezza dell'occhio dopo una giornata di fiera. Ci tengo a precisare che anche la cura delle lenti a contatto incide molto sulla loro resa e qualità. Sono curiosa di provare altre lenti per vedere se sono stata solo fortunata o se il negozio è veramente affidabile.

Contact Lens Review Geo Twins Blue

Link al giveaway permanente presente sul loro sito --> GIVEAWAY



~Lens-Review from

Hey Guys! It's been a loooong while but I'm here with a circle lens review from

The lenses I purchased were the GEO Mimi Cafe Latte Brown

They look like this on the website's picture:

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


Here's how my package came!:

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


It was so cute with many stickers!

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


Everything was securely wrapped A++

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


I received a pen, cute earrings, a lens case, and my lenses!

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


Here's how the lenses looked in the vials :)

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown

Here's a few pictures of the lenses in the case I received~

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


The lens on the left and my plain eye is on the right. They make my eyes look super huge!!! I LOVE IT!!

Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown


Here is a head-shot with both lenses in!

What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?

-The natural color of my eyes are a very dark brown and their style would have to be kind of plain ahaha ~

What are your favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?

- My favorite colors are brown, black, and gray~

Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?

-Actually I ear my lenses almost everyday, I wear only have ever worn GEO lenses~

Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends...) ?

-Well, one day i was browsing around on the internet and I was in need of some cheap authentic lenses and I came across Solution-Lens from searching around on Google! ~

What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?

I love the Geo Bambi Series

Is our website easy to visit / browse ?

-The website is very easy to browse, but not always, there is always something to improve~

Is our customer service good / quick ?

-The customer service was very kind and helpful with any problem that may have came across~

What do you think about lens color ?

-The lens color blends in very nicely with my dark brown eyes, at first they kinda looked yellow-ish when I got them (You could kind of see it in the picture) but after putting them on they lightened my eye color a bit but it looked soooo natural!~

What do you think about lens comfort ?

-I wear these lenses ever a 8 hour period almost everyday and I never have feltt like anything was in my eyes so I give it a 5/5~!

What do you think about lens enlargement ?

-The 14.8mm enlargement was pretty big but looked natural and great on my eyes! I would give it a 4.5/5 because the site says 15mm which is not what you get

What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?

-Overall I would have to say that I am really enjoying these lenses! I love the enlargement they they gave me as well as the color! I would recommend these lenses to anyone who is trying to get bigger lenses that also want them to look natural.

What is your overall opinion about our store ? What should we improve ?

- The store is great, but one thing that should be improved is when you click your favorite color of lenses you want and you should be able to see that color in different diameters ~

If you want to participate in a permanent giveaway to win lenses click the link below!~

Halloween Costume for Cosplay Korean Lens








Halloween is coming and this year you have decided to be gore and look like a scary character, but you still have to choose what you want to be. You could be a zombie, a vampire or a monster or anything else reminding death. It's usual that Halloween theme always celebrate supernatural, scary or unreal things that make you afraid. This is the time where people like to play with their own fears but also like to scare each other.


If you are looking for a costume for this Halloween party don't forget the basics, think about vampires. Your vampire costume could be a classic as the famous Dracula vampire, the Romanian lord always blood thirsty going in the country at night to suck the blood of villagers. Your vampire could also be one of those recently created as twilight's vampires, for example Jane Volturi or Edward Cullen. Think a minute how Halloween would be sad if all the vampires would be vegetarian and happy !

I'd like to give you some tricks now. If you want to look like the old fashion Dracula it's easy, go into your grandma wardrobe or to a second hand shop and grab an old red shirt, that kind of old shirt with the very large sleeves at the end, then you'll need black trousers, a long black cape and a black top hat, you know that kind of hat from which we often see magicians taking of a rabbit! To have a perfect and complete transformation you are going to need a small but very important final touch, vampire eyes contact lenses. To scare people around you I will recommend you to wear red color contact lenses, it will make your eyes fully injected of blood and you'll look as a beast hunting its prey, perfect to make the neighborhood freaking out !

With your color lenses on, the makeover is not over because your not 100% ready until you didn't paint you face in white. To get a white face you'll just need to buy a special Halloween makeup or any kids make up, you can even use baby powder. For the old fashion Dracula style don't forget either to get a special hairstyle by oiling your hairs and curl them front to back. Of course we cannot forget the final touch, dracula vampire teeth. More famous than anything those teeth represent Dracula and are as important as the costume. I'm sure that if Dracula would be here today he could use his teeth as his brand logo. No seriously I'm kidding but these Dracula's teeth can be found everywhere and especially during Halloween, for example I was able to find a Dracula's jaw at the drugstore down the street.


For your Halloween party if you don't like old fashion vampire, why don't you try something more trendy? If you want to play a more modern vampire you won't need to disguise. Today's vampire look like you and me, in twilight movie werewolves and vampires are going to high school dressed as normal student. You just need to care the style of your clothes, for example if you want to look like Jane Voltury in twilight you'll have to wear dark Gothic clothes. If you look closer, other characters like Edward Cullen (robert Pattinson) you won't need special clothes, only vampire contact lenses will be enough. The twilight vampires have the particularity to have different eye colors in different states of mind. When a vampire is hungry his eyes have two different colors . Red eyes for those who feed themselves with human blood and yellow or golden for those who drink only animal blood. You can even try other contact lenses colors as white or black.


Still in the supernatural world there is a very nice costume to play with. I'm talking about the"walkers" or zombies, they also are perfect for Halloween. These walking dead are feeding themselves with human flesh. Very trendy with the huge success of the series "the walking dead", zombies are pretty nice to play. The cool fact with the "walkers" is that they can look very different, I'm not only talking about the bloody flesh full of wounds and dry blood, I mean that before being a zombie all of them were people. It's very funny because for example you can play a zombie doctor, a cop, a nurse, a gogo dancer, a soldier or anything else, the only limit is your imagination. Zombie always wear rags so don't hesitate to snatch your clothes to complete your costume.


Finally one more idea of costume, I'm thinking about Halloween witch. There are also many different kind of witches with many different styles, but today let's stick to the traditional witch. I am sure that you know already which one I am talking about. Of course I mean that old witch with a big and ugly nose ridding a flying broom. The representation of that witch in people minds is often with a green skin, winkles, a hooked nose an a big awful mole on her face. The way that she looks is quite always the same, a long and straight black dress and a tall pointy black hat. Don't forget the broom of course, I know that it wont be easy to find a flying one but a regular one should do the trick for your cosplay. Recently we have seen a more beautiful witch than usual in theaters, the movie is called Maleficient and the role is played by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie. Maybe this movie can give you some ideas to create your own witch character. It's also important to care how your eyes look when you create that kind of characters. You can wear any color of contact lens to express the state of mind of your witch. For example green when she's happy, blue when she's angry or red when the witch want to attack or curse someone. There is also an awesome new product about contact lenses, there are lenses with different designs capable to glow in the dark, you will freak out people that you meet at night while wearing those color lenses, I can guaranty !


As you can guess you know that the contact lenses are very important when you cosplay or want to create a new caracter. Color lens can give a final touch to a character. Circle lenses can be use to share an expression or show up character traits, if you wear a villain costume then a scary red contact lens will be required, if at the opposite you play a hero with good intentions then a color less aggressive like blue, green or gold will fit better. Those are just few examples to give you the spirit of wearing circle lenses. To make it short I must say, contact lenses can give a "soul" to your cosplay or character.


I kept the best for the end, the good news is that on you can find thousand of circle lenses for less than $20. We also have a permanent "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offer that you won't find anywhere else. So don't wait and run to visit our catalogue to choose the circle lens that fits your style and eyes. Click here to visit our Halloween and cosplay lenses catalogue.






Questions Replies about Color Contact Lenses


Here are some important things that you certainly want to know about color contact lenses.

- Can I makeup while wearing contact lenses?

Don't worry boys and girls, the answer is yes, you can makeup when you wear circle lenses on and be pretty as usual. But remember that it's recommended to put your color lenses on before makeup, and you might not put eyeliner on the edge of your eyelids close to your eye. If you use makeup powder after having your color lenses on, then be careful to close your eyes well. If you keep your eyes open the powder can stick to your lenses and cause eye dryness. When you want to remove your makeup don't forget to take off your circle lenses first.

- Can I sleep with color lenses on?

No, you can't. This is really not appropriate to sleep with your contact lenses on, even for a nap. Closing your eyes for too long with circle lenses on will make them stick to the inside of your lid, the lenses will be then removed when you open your eyes again. It can hurts you and damage you eye cornea.

- Can circle lenses protect me from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays?

Regular lenses don't protect from the sun's UV. But special lenses have been created with an anti-UV filter, some of these lenses look transparent or have a brown layer. It is not recommended to expose your eyes to the sun anyway because even if your lenses protect your iris, the white part called "the sclera" won't be protected.

- Can I loose contact lens after a shock while wearing it?

Yes there is a risk if the shock is violent. If you drop your circle lenses on the floor, you have then to check them really carefully and make sure that they are not damaged. Clean and rinse your lenses well with your contact lenses solution care. Don't forget to clean your hands perfectly before you touch the circle lenses. By cleaning your hands you will avoid any risk of contamination and keep your lenses also clean.

- How many hours per day can I wear contact lenses?

Ophthalmologists and medical doctors recommend to their patient to never wear hard or soft circle lenses more than 10 hours. You have to let your eyes get the daily oxygen that is needed. If you feel your eyes uncomfortable it means that they are becoming dry or irritated, that is the signal for you to take off your circle lenses.


- What can I do when I have dust or sand in my eyes while wearing color lenses?

In that case you have to take off your color lenses. You have to clean and rinse them with a sterile solution for contact lenses purpose. Use your fingers to wipe off the tiny dust or grain of sand and clean again with the solution. When you use your fingers you have to insure that they are perfectly clean.

- Can I wear circle lenses if I have a squint?

Yes of course, there is no problem to wear Korean lenses when you have a squint. the thing you have to know is that your contact lenses won't correct that little issue.

- Do I need prescription to buy color lenses ?

A prescription is not needed at all especially if the contact lenses don't have correction (0.00 plano contact lenses). If your contact lenses are only the fashion ones you can buy and order them on our online shop If you need contact lenses with correction it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist to make sure which correction is needed.

- Can my circle lenses be scratched?

Yes of course and it's true for any kind of contact lenses, there is always a risk to scratch them if they are not manipulated carefully. If scratch happens you have to change your color lenses right away even if you don't feel uncomfortable with your lenses. There is a risk that the lens tears apart in your eye. You have to know that color lenses with special treatment exist, they are more expensive with not much different design but they will be more resistant to scratches.

- Can I practice scuba diving or snorkeling with my contact lenses?

Yes snorkeling or scuba diving are possible but that practice is for those who know well circle lenses. We won't recommend beginners to try it! If you have to dive with your contact lenses you need to close your eyes while you put the diving mask on. You have to avoid any salty water into your eyes or bacteria contained in the sea water. There is a better solution if you dive often. You can buy a mask with correction glass that fits to your vision in some optical stores. The problem is that scuba masks with correction glass are expensive.






Color Contact Lens for Fashion Show




Fashion shows of great designers working for glorious brands as Chanel, Dior, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Gucci, Versace, Hermes or Balenciaga shake the world every year during fashion weeks everywhere in the biggest capital cities of the planet. Fashion week can be in Paris, Milan, London, New York and a lot more cities. That kind of event will lead the whole world to the new trends to follow. Every year haute couture decides what color or what style we should wear for the next seasons autumn-winter and spring-summer. If you are lost in fashion and want to be "in", the only way is to check what is going on every year in the fashion world.

Exit clothing, everything that is made for the model looks the best to seduce customers and give a good representation of the promoted brand. Everything is important and especially details like, makeup, nails colors, hairstyle, purse, shoes, jewellery or others accessories and recently color contact lenses. Color lenses are used in haute couture to highlight a makeup or express something on the model face. Wearing color lenses can enhance a designer creation.

For the spring-summer season, the introduced collection will be very colorful with stripes, tones will be mostly white and blue. Color lenses will match with those new season's colors, they could be blue lagoon, green emerald, gray metal, ebony or honey.

For the winter collection it will be opposite because we are going to wear warm colors but in dark tones. Designers choices are on blue-gray, dark blue, sapphire, green olive, black or hazel brown circle lenses. Circle lenses can make a model more attractive to her public but also bring a special atmosphere to the fashion show, a bit of fairy, a theatrical side.

Huge advantage of color contact lenses without correction (0.00) is that they are cheap and really affordable compared to the clothes created by designers and sold by brands like Chanel or Dior. When you are watching a fashion show I'm sure that you dream to have something of this girl walking in front of you or in your favorite magazine.

With contact lenses your dreams come true and on we propose you thousands of circle lenses with many different designs ans colors for less than $20 per pair.

Do not hesitate a minute if you want to make your dream comes true and be a supermodel for a while. Ok you won't be a real supermodel but at least you can feel like. Buy a pair of contact lenses in our store and you will feel different it will bring you more confidence and trust in yourself. Of course if you choose a design of color lens that match your look, you will be even more beautiful , we can guaranty it.

If your eyes do not need correction or if you don't suffer of any eye problem then you are free to wear all the circle lenses that you wish without medical prescription.

Color contact lenses sold on our store are adapted to any kind of eyes, they fit females and males, kids or adult eyes as well. Our contact lenses are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved but also meet European standards. Our lenses are genuine, 100% safe and reliable, you can be sure to buy only the best eyes accessories available in this world.

Contact lenses are becoming a must, so, if you are at a fashion defile as a model or a customer, don't forget to wear your color lenses to look different and remarkable.





Eagle Vision with Zoom Contact Lenses





If there is a field where technology has made a big step, it is for sure in the contact lenses world.

 Following the "Google lens" that allows people with diabetes to check in real time their sugar blood level and alert them when it becomes critical, there are contact lenses giving 3D vision, circle lenses giving people a wider visual range, contact lenses that can change colors unlimitedly or even online circle lenses able to provide useful informations as directions, pictures or collecting information as faces or places by taking pictures. And now the latest generation of contact lenses will give you a sort of superpower. These contact lenses allow you to zoom where you want to look up to 8 times bigger than what you usually see. By wearing these circle lenses you will be able to zoom, you will feel like an eagle or superman using his powers.

 Very ligh and pretty comfortable the contact lenses are 1.1mm thick with a diameter of 11mm. Compared to usual contact lenses this new generation is a bit thicker, classic contact lenses being 0.2mm thick with 14mm diameter. There is still a gray area about those new contact lenses because nobody knows if you can use them automatically or if you need to command them via a remote.

Listening to American scientists who created the new hi-tech generation contact lenses, it seems that they wanted to give to human new physical faculty that animals already have, but found that the only way is to become a cyborg. This technology will first be used by military to help soldiers to be more efficient and give them a stong advantage on their enemies.

 The first generation of zooming lens has to be linked to 3D glasses to allow the user to switch with normal view and zoom. In a very close future scientists expect to improve their invention to make the lens works without 3D glasses. Scientists would like to improve the quality of the visual render of the contact lens with a better contrast and high definition image, they plan as well to add very cool functions like night vision or be able to scan the surrounding to collect data.

 That invention is just the beginning of a big era coming to us, imagine all the applications possible to create in different fields like medical or military. There is something else that you need to know: research on this new technology contact lenses was partly funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), a research agency working for the Pentagone and indeed for the American government.

 With that new invention Hollywood movies characters like Terminator are becoming possible. The high-tech eagle eye vision lens is just a the beginning of its existence but lenses like this one should be available on the market really soon.





Big Eyes Korean Contact Lenses are Safe Beauty Accessories




Not a day without seing  on theater or TV celebrities wearing contact lenses, mostly those lenses called "big eyes" or "korean lenses".


Some celebrities have been precursor in wearing contact lenses, they were using circle lenses before they became trendy, we are talking about superstars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz or Paris Hilton for example.

Contact lenses were at the beginning the secret of rich and famous people. Now circle lenses are really affordable products made for the masse. Today you can find on the market high quality contact lenses made in Korea for only $20 a pair. store proposes exactly this kind of contact lenses, genuine, safe, reliable and made by Korean optical specialists. Korea is the leader in the contact lenses business because they the best technology is used in this country. Thanks to the growing demand on the market, contact lenses are now good quality product and they are affordable to everyone. There is no reasons now not to wear contact lenses like these superstars and feel special or feel like one of them!

One of the common name given to these contact lenses in America is "dolly eyes". Those lenses have the particularity to be larger than usual lenses on the market, the kind of lenses that you can find down the street at your optical shop. The diameter proposed with prescription lenses is smaller than dolly eyes diameter. Actually dolly eyes circle lenses diameters are generally between 14 and 16 mm. With contact lenses that wide you will get for sure dolly looking eyes, meaning that your eyes will look very big. When the diameter is 14-16mm it will cover your iris plus a part of the white of your eye, this is the secret of dolly eyes contact lenses. Manufacturers recommend to wear circle lenses 8 to 10 hours per day. Some people are uncomfortable with large contact lenses at the beginning but 95% of them get used to wear dolly eyes contact lenses. If you cross the line by wearing your color lenses for too long you'll experience aches or feel your eye irritated, in that case you should remove your lenses and let your eyes get the oxygen that they naturally need.

There is no problem to wear dolly eyes lenses with a diameter of 14-15mm, they are the most popular circle lenses on the market and of course the favorite consumers contact lenses. What people like when they wear dolly eyes lenses is the immediate change brought to their eyes and of course to the way they look. These new big eyes make them feel like somebody else. Right here we were talking only about the size but there is also an incredible choice in designs of dolly eyes contact lenses.

Even if you are luckily enough you can find dolly eyes color lenses at your optical shop, you'll never find as many contact lenses as the ones available on Our website proposes thousand of different contact lenses patterns. Think also about the price and compare it with an optical shop: we offer you dolly eyes lenses at $20 a pair when the same contact lenses pair is sold around $50 at optical stores. Our color lenses are genuine brands with an anti-fake control, our customers are able to check themselves online with a code if their circle lenses are genuine or not. Better think twice when you chose a seller, would you like to pay 60% more to a random shop or would you prefer to save your money and get traceable and trusted products with ?  

When you want to buy contact lenses you should be aware about the product that you choose. You need to find a trusted brand with strong experience in the field of contact lenses. Some brands like GEO Medical, Vassen, Dueba or Dreamcon are companies with the knowledge and the technology to make high quality products to sell worldwide. These companies are able to match European (CE) and American (FDA) standards.

If you want to be sure of your contact lenses quality it's better to order them on big online shops as Our shop gives you guaranties and replies to your questions very quickly via the customer service contact form. The main trusted brands are sold on and you can find Vassen, Dueba, Geo, Dreamcon, some of the best brands available in the world. You can check out online feedbacks about Solution-Lens but also about the contact lenses brands. has a very good reputation on the Internet especially concerning their faster than light customer service and the products that they propose in their catalogs. Another of the best points always highlighted in review or blogs about Solution-Lens is about their prices. We propose offers like "Buy 2 pairs Get 1 More Free Pair" and more.

If you wonder like many people do at tfirst "Are circle lenses dangerous for my eyes?", the answer is that they are not dangerous and especially if you respect some simple rules. If you don't want to face issues while wearing contact lenses you should not wear them more than 10 hours a day. Your eyes are like you are and they need to get some oxygen which is less possible with something covering them. When you handle circle lenses you have to care that your hands are perfectly clean. After each use you have to clean and rinse your circle lenses with special sterile solution cautiously, then keep the lenses in a special lens case with the lens care solution. As we told you earlier, to avoid any trouble you have to choose a good brand of genuine contact lenses.

It's not that easy to be pretty, but if you respect these few safety rules it won't be a problem for you to get a good new look with your dolly eyes contact lenses or any other style of lenses. Once your wear your circle lenses on, you'll feel confident and no one will resist you.




Change your Appearance with Korean Circle Lenses




Few years ago the only ways to look different were, makeup, have a nice haircut or bet on your fashion style. Today there is a new way more trendy to change your appearance very easily, in a few minutes and with a little budget. You just have to wear color contact lenses to change the way you look, you can wear a different color of circle lens every day and follow your emotions to help you to choose your lenses. For example if you feel good you can choose to wear blue contact lens, if you are sad you can wear black or if you feel really happy maybe you can try crazy colors like pink or purple or even try a cat eye contact lens. Changing the way that you look everyday is a good idea to break the routine. It is a way to feel like somebody else and get motivation to start to do new things or things that you never dare to do before.

 Start off the right foot the Monday morning by wearing circle lenses that give you a fresh look, you could choose a cool color like blue lagoon, or green emerald to spark up your eyes. Color lenses will make you more confident in yourself, your friend at school, your teachers, your colleagues or your employees will notice that something of your personality has changed.

 Still in the work world, if you have an important meeting or a touchy appointment with suppliers, customers or your boss you can count on your circle lenses to give you the confidence that you need, your color lenses will make you gorgeous and seducing. I recommend you to choose a light color as a sky blue or honey to give a soft touch at your look.

 If on the contrary you don't need to seduce but convince people you gonna need something that will give to your eyes a bit of darkness, choose a dark color as dark blue, dark green or hazel, you also might choose contact lenses to make your eyes look bigger like the dolly eyes contact lenses. The dolly eyes lenses enlarge your eyes, that's a good thing to get the attention of the person you are talking to.

 When the week is over it's casual Friday time, enjoy that special day to try colors that you won't dare to wear the others days and listen to the feedbacks of your coworkers or anybody. You might be pleasantly surprise about the result. The choice of patterns and colors is very huge, but if you want to wear unusual lenses why don't you try colors like purple, red, gold or paterns like diamonds, spiral, cat eyes, smileys...

 Don't forget to choose a makeup that matches your circle lenses, you also have to be aware to choose the right clothes for a full match.

 Come to visit our online store and find out the avalanche of contact lenses proposed in our catalogs. All our circle lenses are genuine products and made in Korea which is the market leader and produce the best quality lenses. Our lenses are FDA approved and meet the European (CE) standards as well. Our store has good quality and affordable contact lenses, prices are for most of them under $20. Don't wait any longer and come to visit our website alot of surprises are waiting for you!




Questions Replies about Korean Circle Lenses

-Can I take a shower with my contact lenses?

You might not take a shower with your circle lenses but it is possible if you are very careful. If you really want to take a shower with your contact lenses then you have to avoid any water splash, shampoo or soap in your eyes when wearing color lenses. Keep your eyes close and make sure to clean your face with clear water before you reopen your eyes.

- Can contact lenses make lesion or cuts on cornea?

Yes but it hardly happens and it is only caused by hard circle lenses after a big shock on the head like a soccer ball or anything else that can be thrown, it can happen also if you have an accident and knock your head violently against something. If you have that kind of trouble an ophthalmologist can treat your injuries. If you decide to wear contact lenses and if you can choose you should prefer soft lenses. Soft circle lenses can be bend and even if you break them they can't cause injuries to your eyes, they are very safe.

-Wearing color lenses could increase myopia or nearsightedness?

No, color lenses do not increase myopia at all, actually this is the opposite because circle lenses can correct any trouble of vision. Before trying anything you have to visit an ophthalmologist or any doctor to get the right contact lenses prescription.

- Can I loose my contact lenses behind my eyes?

Of course not, human eye is perfectly made and self-protected. The only issue that can occurs is that your color lens could slide under your eyelid after a shock on your head or while practicing violent sports like boxing, American football or hockey for example. Even if it happens don't panic and just move back with a little massage the contact lens to its initial position. This is not painful and no need to worry about it.

-Are Korean circle lenses more dangerous than conventional contact lenses?

You should know first that Korean lenses are conventional contact lenses, they are also called circle lenses, or color lenses. Korea is the leader on the market and korean insdustry has the knowledge and technology to make reliable contact lenses. So it makes Korean lenses safe and of course not more dangerous than any others lenses. As a matter of fact people often use contact lenses without knowing the basics informations or without visiting a practitioner, in that case they can encounter some issues when wearing contact lenses. If you don't want to have any problem you have to make sure to wear genuine lenses of trusted brands like Vassen, Geo Medical, Dueba, Dreamcon, these brand are the most famous available on the market. They are made in Korea and meet American (US FDA) and European (CE) standards. Avoid buying lenses on Chinese website because they often sell bad quality color lenses or even dangerous copies. You might prefer ordering fromfamous online store like which proposes a large choice of contact lenses and have very good feedbacks on the Internet.

-Can I clean my contact lenses with tap water?

Absolutely not ! You really have to avoid doing that because tap water contains bacterias and pathogenic germs that could spread on your lenses and cause infection to your eyes. To clean your contact lenses you have to use a cleansing and rinsing eye care solution only.

- Can a child wear circle lenses?

Yes indeed, there is no age limitation. But it is recommended to wait that the kid is grown enough to be responsible and mature to respect the elementary rules of hygiene to wear contact lenses properly. The child should be able to clean and care the lenses and has to be skilled enough to put the lenses on his eyes.

-Can I wear color lenses with my glasses?

There is no contraindication, you can even combine circle lenses with your sunglasses and it won't affect your vision. Wearing glasses or sunglasses can be an advantage because they will protect your eyes from dust or dirt or anything else that could be blown away by the wind when you are outside. Glasses will even make your contact lenses safer to wear.

-Can I get a better vision with contact lenses than glasses?

Yes the vision is better with circle lenses because you are not annoyed by the frame of the glasses. Contact lenses give you a clear 180-degree view. if this doesn't work for you while you are wearing color lenses then you should consult a doctor.

- Can I use eye drops while I'm wearing contact lenses?

Yes and you have to! It is truly preferred to keep your circle lenses always wet, because when they are dry it is not good, your eyes could get irritated and that's quite painful. Your circle lenses can stick to your eyes if they are too dry and this is really uncomfortable, if you don't fix immediately the problem you can damage your lenses and your eyes. This is happening in dry, dusty and windy places mostly outdoor. Your eyes can feel dry indoor too, for example if you stay too long close to a fan or if you use an air-conditioner, most of aircon machines have a function to dry the air purposely.


When you start having a disagreeable feeling while you are wearing your circle lenses then do not hesitate to put some eye drops solution care into your eyes.

If you have any questions about contact lenses then please contact us, you do not need to be a costumer and you are always welcome.



Wear Circle Lenses to Watch a 3D Movie



Today 3D technology is everywhere but it is mostly used in theaters to turn movies into an unforgettable experience. Sometimes when you want to watch a movie at a cinema the only choice is to watch it in 3D. Some movies are made especially to match with 3D technology. 3D is also not far from you because you can enjoy the experience in your living room thanks to 3D televisions or computer's screens. At home you can watch your movies in 3D but you can also enjoy video games. 3D technology is known since almost the beginning of cinema and movies but it became popular in the 50's. Do you remember the glasses made of paper with one blue lens and the other one red, used in the fifties ? At that time 3D was used to watch black and white movies. You are maybe too young like me to remember that, but these glasses have been used over decades for different purposes like children book or photograph. The way it works is simple when you know it. To get the 3D effect your eyes actually look at two pictures in one, two pictures have a sightly different angle, then they are superposed together to see only one picture. The result is a picture that seems to be blur, but once your glasses on, you will see a 3D image created by your brain.


The actual 3D technology works only with the help of glasses, they can be made from a simple plastic glass or more sophisticated as liquid crystal glasses. One of the first place that started to use 3D glasses with liquid crystal was Imax theater but you can also find this technology at amusement parks like Disneyworld or at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park or many others. Liquid Crystal glasses use a different way to work than the usual glasses. Actually these lenses send information to your eyes by alternating between your left and right eye at 48 times per second frequency. The result is amasing colored 3D pictures.


Do you want to know if contact lenses are compatible with 3D technology?

The answer is "yes", of course. You can wear any kind of contact lenses, they can be big eyes or corrective lenses. There is no need to worry about wearing circle lenses while watching a 3D movie with your 3D glasses, the result will be exactly the same, you will enjoy your movie as if you didn't wear any contact lens. Contact lenses are actually an advantage if you want to watch a 3D movie, because if your eyes need correction and you wear glasses to correct you vision you will encounter issue when wearing 3D glasses on top of it. You might choose to wear circle lenses instead to have a better comfort and enjoy the experience of watching 3D movies peacefully.


The only problem with 3D technology can raise if you have a squint also called lazy eyes or strabisma. Your eyes won't be in the good axes to let your brain make three-dimensional images.


Theaters are now ready to cope with the three-dimensional technology and everybody can get all the benefit of the experience with contact lenses on their eyes.


If you really want to know if you fit to 3D technology the best is to try it by yourself. Even if three-dimensional technology is really popular some people hate the feeling of it and prefer to watch their movies the traditional way. I belong to them because when I watch a movie at theater in 3D I notice a lack of contrast and a fade in colors, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable the first 15 minutes I wear the 3D classes.

What about you, tell me how you feel about 3D glasses technology ? Do you like it ?




Color Contact Lens for People Having Allergy


Allergies to pollen, fungus, feather, insect bites, medicine, food or animals fur and more concern 20% of the population in USA. This is caused mostly by the pollution of the air.

An allergy doesn't have the same consequences to everyone, symptoms can be different to one person to another. Allergy can give asthma, rashes, sneezing, itching, hives... Eyes can be affected by tears, become red, suffer from conjunctivitis. The worst consequences of an allergy will be Quincke's edema (angioedema), it can be lethal because a suffocation caused by airway obstruction can occur.

If you have eye allergy and you wish to switch from your glasses to contact lenses with correction or just circle lenses to change the color of your eyes, then you have to know that issues can raise. The best move before enjoying the experience of wearing circle lenses is to consult a practitioner or an eyes specialist like an ophthalmologist and follow carefully his recommendations or prescriptions.

Wearing contact lenses with eye allergy can be really painful and injure your eyes so be really careful about what your are going to do with contact lenses.

Actually when your eyes are experiencing an allergy you will feel itchy and of course you will rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes even if your hands are clean is the best way to spread bacterias and germs and raise the risk of infections. There is also another risk to increase your eye allergy, it is due to allergens in the air that can land on your contact lenses and cause allergic reactions. If you are in the situation of having eyes allergy you might prefer to use daily circle lenses, that can be used only one day.

To soothe itching sensations in case you are already experiencing eyes allergy you might apply a cold compress on your eyes for few minutes. If you don't feel better after that, you might visit a specialist right away, please don't wait and go to meet an eye specialist or an allergist.

If you have allergic conjunctivitis occurring you should not wear any soft or hard contact lenses until you have totally recovered. To heal totally you have to clean your eyes few times per day to kill bacterias by using a sterile eye care solution.

You must also know that some people are allergic to some eye care solutions that contain a preservative called Thimerosal which is also used in vaccines. So when buying your multi-solution, be sure that you are not allegic to any of its ingredients. You should carefully read the label of any solution that you might buy and ask recommendations to an optician.




Which Korean Lens for Halloween Party?


In the modern time that we are living you cannot miss the popularity of circle lenses especially for special event like Halloween. Color lenses will give the final touch that you need to your costume and make your transformation perfectly achieved.


Impossible to imagine zombie or mummy cosplay without white or light gray contact lenses. The same for a Twilight's vampire without red or yellow color lenses, impossible too to look like a Barbie doll or Japan anime character without circle lenses. Contact lenses are a must have when you practice cosplay. Many styles, patterns or colors are available, what do you think about purple or pink circle lenses or if you want to play a movie character of Avatar why don't you try yellow or green color lens?


People who don't know yet what character to choose for their costume and what color of lens to wear on Halloween celebration have to take a look at our special Halloween catalog on Our catalog has the biggest choice of Halloween lenses. You can find basic Halloween lenses with just plain colors or amazing circle lenses with black cross, aces, smiley, cat eye, dragon eye, naruto shippuden, monster eye and more. Our lenses are 100% safe because they are from genuine trusted brands, the best on the market and well known by professionals and customers. You will find trusted brands like Vassen, Geo Medical, Dueba and Dreamcon.


Dare to wear the special Halloween lenses from Geo, the choice of patterns proposed, made especially for Halloween celebration, is really incredible.

These lenses are also called CRAZY LENSES. Very trendy now, crazy lenses will be an advantage to get the attention of people that you want to scare or just surprise by your weird look. These crazy lenses will make your iris diameter look larger than usual, your eyes will look bigger thanks to this "dolly eyes" effect. Crazy contact lenses will give you a chance to be remarkable and make sensation, you could wear yellow wild cat lens, lizard eyes, green frog eyes or hypnotizing circle lenses with spiral on it. You can also choose to wear patterns like pirate flag on the lens or spider web to look like Spiderman. If you like sport like soccer you can even find in our catalog a soccer ball lens, star and moon lens for Muslims, David star for Jews or black lens for Gothics.


Best deals are available on our online boutique for Halloween, it would be crazy to miss enjoying our incredible offers. Did you know that all our circle lenses are shipped for free? You can live in New-York, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Cape Town, Sidney, Cambera, Oakland, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo or somewhere else in the world, still Solution-Lens will ship your circle lenses order for free. Our circle lenses are not more expensive than the usual color lenses. We propose  unbeatable offers like BUY 2 GET 1 MORE FREE, BUY 5 GET 2 MORE FREE and BUY 10 GET 5 MORE FREE, incredible !

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So, from now on, remember to order your Halloween contact lenses on our store before enjoying your Halloween party with friends or family. Impress them with your crazy look and enjoy to see them scream.

Happy Halloween and see you soon on




Can we Trust Korean Circle Lens Brands ?



You are maybe wondering how to make the first step and follow the trend of the moment to wear circle lenses also called color lenses or contact lenses. You may first need to know if you can trust the market and buy contact lenses online or in an optical store. A circle lens is a small accessory applied on your eye so it is right to try to know what you are going to buy, especially because an eye is something quite hard to replace in case of any problem.

First of all you need to know that problems can occur with any contact lenses if you do not respect the elementary rules of hygiene. Hundred millions people wear circle lenses everyday in the world, so if these accessories were dangerous we would know it.

You have to know that if you want to avoid any risk of cut or infection the best choice you can make is to choose soft circle lenses instead of hard lenses. Soft lenses are disposable and can be used daily up to 1 year.

Another important rule is to be really careful when you decide to buy color lenses. You have to choose trusted brands because they are safe and offer the best quality products. You can find online on forums or blogs all the information that you need to know about color lenses, thousand of color lens users will share with you their experience or feeling. By listening their opinions about contact lenses you will have you own idea about what brand or size of contact lens is better for you.

There is also a good way to know if your contact lenses are safe. Find out if your circle lenses meet standards as European (CE) or USA (FDA) and ISO certification.

On our online store we propose to our customers the best value circle lenses with the best reputation on the market, these brands are Geo Medical, Dueba, Vassen and Dreamcon. These brands offer the best quality criteria for safety, durability and comfort.
All our contact lenses from our catalog are traceable thanks to an efficient anti-fake system. The circle lenses that we propose you are all made in Korea the leader country of contact lens market. The choice of Korean lens in design, size or pattern is unbelievable, they have created more different series of lenses that you can even imagine.

To order your circle lenses you need to be wise and choose the best circle lenses seller. Our online store is the leader on the market, you trust us we care you! We like to give the best service to our customer, we have a very responsive customer service and we propose prices and promotions which make our competitors pretty sick. For example we offer you 1 free pair of lenses if you buy 2 others pairs, but also if you buy 5 pairs you'll get 2 more free pairs. Our last promotion allows you to get 5 more pairs for free if you buy 10 pairs of circle lenses on our shop and you will never find this offer anywhere else. Thanks to our quality genuine products and our prices is enjoying a solid reputation on the Internet. We ship worldwide and we give you free EMS when you buy 5 pairs at least.

Do not forget when your order is delivered: do not forget that hygiene has to be irreproachable, we are taking about your own hygiene and the lenses hygiene. While manipulating your circle lenses you have to make sure that your hands have been cleaned with soap. To clean and keep your lenses you need a special lens care solution and you must rinse them before and after every use, then you have to keep your contact lenses safe in a lens case (free for each pair at, they must soak every night in a contact lenses multi-solution.

Once you will have tried your circle lenses, you won't be able to live without them anymore, because they will make you feel so special and so beautiful.



Color Contact Lenses for People with Dry Eye



Every one wear contact color lenses but in some few cases you have to make sure that you are able to wear them without risk, we are going to explain you why.

Dry eyes is a symptom that can arise because of different reasons. Having insufficient tears, usually because of the lachrymal glands which are supposed to keep your eyes moisturized, is common with old people. Dry eyes can also be the result of allergy, an anormality in the chemistry of tears or simply because of the air you are in, for example air loaded with dust, dirt, smoke or dry air. Air condition as you can find in offices is often too dry and can make your eyes dry too.

In general, you have to avoid fan or air-con wind coming directly to your eyes to avoid experiencing dry eyes annoyance. It is also common for some people to have dry eyes while practicing outdoor sport related to speed like ski, motorbike, horse-riding. In case you practice this kind of sport you might prefer to wear glasses or mask to protect your eyes when wearing contact lenses.

Finally dry eyes can be due to soft contact lenses because the material used to make these lenses need water to be moisturized. In case the air is too dry the lenses will dry too and like a sponge the lenses will absorb the water naturally made by your eyes. This is why sometimes you feel your eyes dry then itchy. To avoid this particular problem we recommend you to use hard contact lenses instead, because they need 30% less water than soft contact lenses.

Replying to the question "Is it possible to wear contact lenses when I have Dry eyes?", is actually not as simple as it seems. The best to do in case of any doubt is to visit an ophthalmologist who will tell you if your are able to wear color lenses or not.

If you wear contact lenses for the first time you have to pay attention to your eyes. It means that if you feel that your eyes are itchy, irritated or dry you must worry and find a solution.

First try to moisturize your eyes with a lens care solution made for eyes. In fact your eyes can be dry just because of the air surrounding you. If your are still experiencing dry eyes then you should take off your circle lenses an go ask for recommendations to a specialist, an ophthalmologist or an optician at least.

It is actually possible to wear contact lenses when you have dry eyes but the best is to wear them for a shorter time than other people and ask recommendations to a practitioner in case of trouble.









Anti UV Color Lenses and Sun Protection



Do you know that two kinds of color lens exist on the market? It's possible to find regular contact lenses with the purpose of making your eyes beautiful by changing their color and/or correct the vision. The other kind of color lens has the same functions but it is also capable to protect your eyes from the sun by being anti-UV. Contact lenses with anti-UV protection are perfect for people practicing outdoor activities and sports.

Just as you have to protect your skin when you expose yourself to the sun, for example on the beach when you apply sun block on your body, you will also have to protect your head from the sun by wearing a hat or a cap. But as our eyes are important too, we have to protect them, you can choose to block the UV of the sun with sunglasses but you can also choose to protect them with anti-UV contact lenses. In some areas where the sun is very strong, it is very important to do the right thing. Sun ultraviolet (UV) can be harmful to your eyes if you are not protected, it can cause damages to your eyes like cataract and can be irreversible like the degeneration
of cornea which can lead to blindness.

Anti-UV contact lenses are a good alternative for people who need to wear contact lenses with or without correction, to be protected from sun UV when they stay outdoor for a limited time. Soft circle lenses cover a larger part of the eye than hard contact lenses which are more efficient to protect your eyes from UV. Hard color lenses can block sun UV including UVA and UVB up to 90%.

if you use to practice outdoor sports with glasses or sunglasses you might be annoyed to wear them. Anti-UV contact lenses are the best solution to feel free again, no need to worry to loose your glasses or sunglasses anymore while practicing your favorite sport. To practice some sports like bike riding it will be an advantage not having to wear glasses with your helmet anymore, because glasses can reduce your area of vision. Different tones of anti-UV layers are available, from dark to pale, the tone that you choose determine how strong will be the UV protection. With this kind of contact lens you will protect your cornea but also your iris and your pupil. Some versions of contact lenses have photo-chromic filters and are anti-glare or polarized.

UV contact lenses are a perfect gear to avoid risk caused by the sun and avoid sun related conditions.

For people practicing sport as ski or snowboard anti-UV lenses won't be enough to protect your eyes. In the mountains UV rays are 10% stronger every 1000 meters of altitude. Sailing sports are also exposed to high level of UV due to the reflection of the sun on the water. In these cases your eyelids and the white part of your eyes (sclera) are not protected against the high level of sun dangerous UV, so it will be necessary to use sunglasses in addition to your circle lenses.

As you noticed, most of the time it is possible to be well protected from the sun UV with your contact lenses without the need to wear sunglasses. In only few extreme cases you'll need to add sunglasses to your circle lenses to be 100% protected.




Most Charming Women Wear Korean Circle Lenses


No way for fashion addicts always following the trends to escape the circle lenses phenomenon. Also called Korean lenses or color lenses, these contact lenses are made to improve your look very easily.

Circle lenses give the feeling that someone has bigger eyes while wearing them. Color lenses are available in different sizes and patterns, but mostly girls like the 14.0mm diameter lenses that are larger than the size of an average iris. Girls also prefer patterns with a black outline or black ring because this special effect creates bigger eyes feeling. Wearing contact lenses is wonderful because you can use them as an accessory to match your makeup, your purse or your jewellery. You can change the color of your eyes to blue, green, red, yellow, black, gray and more or even to funny patterns like a logo of dollar instead of your iris color or a cat eye. Your imagination is the only limit.

Today Korean lenses are a tool of seduction to get the attention of a male. Men have always been attracted by women with big eyes, like a Barbie doll, the symbol of beauty, sensuality or femininity. It's a matter of fact that in many cultures men are attracted by women with big eyes giving them sex appeal, exactly the same way as red fleshy lips, high cheekbones, generous breast, beautiful buttocks or sexy long legs also attract men. All these body signs indicate women with high level of oestrogenes, they make a woman visually and chemically attractive to a man.

Contact lenses literally hypnotize men and will make them stare at you consciously or not. The big advantage of wearing contact lenses is that women can use less makeup than usual. While wearing your circle lenses, try without mascara, eye liner or blush and you will already notice a big change in your look. You will for sure notice the way that guys are looking at you, some will be confused, charmed or eye you greedily.

Forget all your little appearance disorders as your too big nose, sticking-out ears, scars, pimples, square chin or any others little defects that you could worry about before wearing contact lenses. Your Korean circle lenses will give you something more and will help guys to focus on you.

Don't forget that as Cinderella the magic is going to work only for a certain amount of time. In the case of wearing Korean lenses it cannot be more than 9 hours, when time is out you will have to take off your circle lenses and keep them in a lens case soaking in lens care solution.

If you are ready to cross to the other side and buy contact lenses we recommend you to visit our online boutique and be ready to enjoy the choice proposed. We are leader in the contact lenses business and we propose to our customers genuine trusted contact lenses brands. Brands as Geo, Vassen, Dueba are available, they are the best quality lenses and made in Korea with high technology. Korean lenses are made by expert and famous for their quality, they are number 1 in Asia and especially in Korea and Japan, countries where fashion is the most important thing of any daily life.



How to Put Color Lenses in your Eyes



If it is the first time that you get a pair of circle lenses you are probably wondering how to put them on and take them off your eyes. Your Korean lenses can be hard or soft, with or without correction, but the technique is the same for any kind of color lenses.

The rule number one is the most important, you need an irreproachable hygiene to avoid eye infections. The first thing to do is cleaning your hands with soap before touching or manipulating circle lenses. Your hands have to be clean and dry, and to dry your hands it is preferable to use a towel or a fabric instead of tissue which could let on your hands tiny fluffs. Really care the way you're washing your hands because most of the time people don't know how to do it properly. You are not a surgeon but you should clean your hands as well as doctors.

Now it's time to see if your color lenses are not flipped inside out. To know which side is the right one put your lens on your finger as if you were ready to put it on and take a look at your contact lens by the side, then bend it gently to make it look like a taco. If you cannot get the taco shape it means that your circle lens is inside out. This method is really useful if your lens is transparent or doesn't have any mark to tell you if it's inside out or not. With Korean lenses it's easier to guess if your lens is inside out thanks to the colors and patterns printed on it, but sometimes you can wonder which side is the good one.

Once you are sure to have your color lenses on the right side and ready, it's time to try to put them on. Use the hand with which you are the most comfortable, put the contact lens at the end of a finger, most of the time people use their index finger but others use the medium finger, if you are ready come closer with this hand to your eye and use your other hand to spread your upper and lower eyelids and let your iris fully accessible and ready to receive the lens on. Now you can apply gently your contact lens on your eye and center it on the iris, the pupil has to be well in the middle of the lens, especially if the lens has a pattern. When it is done, close your eye for few seconds to set the contact lens perfectly then blink your eye slowly. Sometimes air bubbles can be stuck between the lens and your eye, it is very easy to get rid of it by giving a gentle massage to your eye. Your are now prepared to start again with your second eye.

Like a pilot of a plane it is not enough to learn how to take off, you also have to know how to land.

Taking off your contact lenses is quite easy but you have to respect the same rules of hygiene as you did to put your circle lenses on. Clean your hands and fill in the lens case with lens care solution, keep the case open. The trick to take off your circle lenses is to keep your head straight and look to the celling of your room, pull down your lower eyelid with your medium finger and slide down your contact lens with your index finger, at the same time grab the lens an fold it between your index finger and your thumb.

Now that you got your circle lens off, it's time to put it in the case with the solution that you have prepared earlier. Don't forget to close the lens case to protect your color lens from dust and avoid evaporation of the liquid. The solution is sterile and will kill all the germs on the lens, It will moisturize your lens and keep it soft.

A last recommendation, if you have to manipulate your contact lenses, don't do it above a sink to avoid any risk to loose them. Prefer to sit with a fabric on your knees or at a table.

Now that you know how easy it is to put on and off your circle color lenses it is just a matter of practice before being really comfortable manipulating circle lenses. Don't worry if you're experiencing some hard time at the beginning, practicing is really the key and you will be fine very soon.




Lip Tattoo for Valentine's Day


Have you ever tried to do something crazy with your lips? A new door is now open to let you enter in a world that you didn't know could exist. For not so long ago traditional lipstick was the only way to enhance lips. The method to use a lipstick is to apply it on your lips, and your only option was to choose the color of it. Now there is a new product to allow you to do incredible things with your lips. It is a temporary lip tattoo sticker that will amaze you and your friends.

Many patterns is available, some designs will suit perfectly for Valentine's celebration. Lip tattoo stickers are made to be temporally applied and last few hours on your lips. The choice of designs is amazing you can play with textures and colors. With lip tattoo sticker you can even communicate with someone with messages written on your lips like "kiss me" or "I love you", "single", "Horny"... You will look different from women who makeup with regular lipstick usually pink or red. These girls will look tacky compared to you.

Many pop stars are using temporary lip tattoo for their show or photo shots, for example the fat ass Kim Kardashian, the crazy Lady Gaga or others like Jessie J, Nickie Minaj, Taylor Swift, Miley Cirus or Katy Perry.

You can choose you lip tattoo sticker by theme, for example: sexy, romantic, furs, animal, with text, textures. to give you more ideas of what it is you can get for example any national flag, zebra, leopard, cheetah fur... You can get Vuiton's logo on lips or shinny diamonds, little hearts, rainbow etc... For valentine's day we recommend you to wear pink tattoo with little white hearts or pink tattoo with the words kiss me written on it. Your lover will be surprised and positively attracted to you and your lips.

To put the tattoo on your lips it is very simple it works exactly as the tattoo that we had with our chewing-gums when we were young. It looks like a printed picture on paper, to apply it on your lips you just have to wet your lips and put the lip tattoo on. After 30 seconds you have to wet the paper on the back and peel it out. Tada! your sensational tattoo is ready.

The huge advantage of lip tattoo is that it can be adapted to any lips. When you get your lip tattoo you have to craft a bit by cutting yourself the shape of your lips. Some lip tattoos are lip moisturizing and can contain vitamins. Vegetarians will be happy because lip tattoo is animal friendly and don't contain animal fat. Lip tattoo is not tested on animals, not even the Peta animals, the stupid people who manage Peta.

Once you have your lip tattoo on you can keep it between 4 to 8 hours. The tattoo sticker on your lips won't fade away even if you drink, eat or kiss. You will have all the time you need to enjoy a party or you Valentine's day with you lip tattoo on. The average lip tattoo price on the Internet is less than $10.

To remove your lip tattoo sticker you just have to use a makeup remover or almond oil. Apply your remover product with a cotton pad gently on your lips and take off the lip tattoo as any usual makeup.

Lip tattoo is the perfect match with color lenses and you can find lip tattoo that will perfectly complete your Korean lens look.

Circle Lenses and Muslim Ramadan



You are Muslim and you want to want to be in osmosis with the precepts of Islam and with the Sunnah. It is then normal to wonder in case of doubts: "Is it possible to wear circle lenses during Ramadan" ? Of course holly Qurʾan doesn't mention the use of contact lenses because they didn't exist when the holly book was written but there is a way to know if there is an answer to this question.

First of all as you maybe know, during Ramadan it is forbidden to do anything after the sunrise and until the sunset. It is not allowed to drink water or alcohol, eat food, or use drugs and medicines. If you wear contact lenses it could be a problem because sometimes you need to use eye care solution to moisturize your eyes. While using solution care liquids your body might absorb some drops of liquid because the water follow the lachrymal duct to finish in your throat then your stomach.

Islam doesn't forbid to someone to use drugs if you take them to cure health problem. This is the case for the people who have vision has issues, these persons can suffer of myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. People with vision troubles will need contact lenses with correction to manage their daily life as usual, so wearing circle lenses for medical use won't break the Ramadan fast.

Also, wearing circle lenses which are used as accessories to change the color of your eyes from brown to green or blue is tolerated by Islam law during Ramadan time. Color lenses are tolerated depending on the purpose, and if you want to wear them to be attractive to your husband it is ok. But if you wear circle lens with the goal to seduce others guys then forget it, it is not allowed.

Still in the case that you wear circle color lenses without correction you have to prefer using disposable soft color lenses. Soft circle lenses need less care than hard lenses, once you feel your eyes dry you just need to take them off and throw them away. You won't need to use cleansing or moisturizing solution with soft lenses, but you'll have to wear your favorite color lenses lens than usual for more safety, maybe 6 to 7 hours maximum. Also, very important!! Do not forget to respect the elementary rules of hygiene while manipulating your circle lenses.

The last point, if you are ready to use contact lenses as an accessory then you you should use color lenses affordable and cheap because Islam doesn't allow luxury during Ramadan. Muslim religion consider lust as a sin especially during Ramadan period. Lust is a useless waste. it is translated in arabic by "haram".

Circle lenses brands tolerated for Ramadan are Geo, Dueba and Vassen you can enjoy them before, after and during Ramadan. Have a look at we have special circle lenses for Ramadan and Muslim people.




Wear Color Lenses with Glasses


You are wondering if it is possible to wear circle color lenses with glasses?

This question might seem silly but it is justified by the fact that corrective circle lenses don't fit to all vision problems that people can encounter. In some cases people can't correct their vision issues with corrective lenses, and they don't have other choice than wear glasses.

If these people really want to follow the trends, feel different, be more seductive or unusual by changing their eyes color and decide to wear fashion lenses, they necessary have to find a solution. These women can feel like having color lenses with the dolly eyes effect or eyes bigger than usual with korean circle lenses.

For example at Halloween celebration time if you want to disguise yourself and play a horror character it is difficult to skip circle lenses to complete a costume, without the important contact lenses the transformation won't be perfect. At the same time some women or men will need to correct their vision, but they cannot use their contact lenses to correct their vision problem. In that case these people have no other choice than wearing glasses and color contact lenses. There is no problem at all to wear both, color lenses and prescription glasses.

Also some women want to wear corrective circle lenses plus glasses without correction just to change their style or because they're cosplaying and their character needs glasses. In that case too there is no problem at all, it is safe.

So the answer to the question "is is possible to wear circle color lenses with glasses?" is indeed YES !

Color lenses are 100% compatible with glasses corrective or not including of course sunglasses, there are no contraindications. The advantage is that the glass of your glasses or sunglasses will protect you and your circle lenses from air streams, dust and the sun's UV. Your lenses will keep moisturized longer with glasses to protect them, your glasses will act as a shield and will become very useful.

Wearing glasses and circle lenses is an ideal solution to protect your circle lenses if you practice motorbike riding, ski, snowboard or any other sport involving speed and hard conditions.

By wearing glasses you won't be exempted to follow the hygienic care rules of your contact lenses as you know , having clean hands, cleaning carefully the circle lenses, rinsing them and keeping your color lenses soaking with solution care in a safe lens case. We remind you that you can't wear your cosmetic lenses more than 10 hours per day.

If you feel like changing the color of your eyes even if you wear prescription glasses then do not hesitate anymore and enjoy it. There is no contraindication and you will look gorgeous with your color lenses on.

Be the hottest chick of the neighborhood or any party and choose to buy your circle lenses on the best shop available on the Internet, Only genuine trusted brands are sold and the best promotions are available as BUY 2 PAIRS GET 1 FREE, so do not waste your time and order now your next favorite beauty accessory.


Wear Color Contact Lenses to Charm the Perfect Man


Good news are coming for you ladies and gentlemen with blue eyes. A recent survey shows that 39% of men prefer women with blue eyes, 18% of them prefer green eyes, 23% hazel eyes and 19% brown or black eyes.


Another survey shows up that women are less attracted by the color of the eyes than guys. In fact, an experience consisted to show to women pictures of men with different eyes colors. After that the ladies were asked to choose the men they have found the most attractive. Surprisingly women have chosen the men they were attracted with, randomly without caring about the color of their eyes. In constant, the survey has confirmed again that the attractive power of women with blue eyes.


Thanks to these investigations we can tell also that men with blue eyes have preferred women with blue eyes too. Specialists think that men made this choice unconsciously because they might prefer to have the maximum chances to have a child with blue eyes. Brown and black are strong and very common colors in comparison to the blue color which is rare and indeed harder to find on human being.


Modern achievements in science and particularly optical domain allow us to change the rules of seduction. For example if your are a woman with brown eyes you can swap them to blue and give more changes to yourself to get a larger choice of men because most of them are attracted by the blue eyes. Of course changing the color of your eyes doesn't mean surgery but using contact lenses, it is more adapted and convenient for a daily life. Circle color lenses will let you choose the color that you want and at the same time will allow you to aim the kind of men that you are looking for. Some men will follow their primary instinct to choose you in reference of the color of your eyes.


On the other side when we look closer to the results of the survey we can see that 39% of men prefer blue eyes and 18% prefer green eyes, don't be afraid if you are a women with brown, hazel or black eyes because you still have 43% chances to be chosen by the right man. So for the ladies having dark eyes, remind yourself that it is not a handicap and your are still in the game to find the perfect match.

On the contrary, women with blue or green eyes can put on brown or black contact lenses to seduce another kind of men which means men attracted by women with dark eyes.


The best thing to do before starting the hunt is to try on different kind of contact lenses and choose your favorite color of circle lens. Choose the one you feel the most confident while wearing it, especially if it's your first time using color circle lenses. To get the right color of contact lens is important to know which one suit the best your personality.


With the right choice of color you'll be blossomed, it will increase your power of seduction. Choosing the color of contact lenses that you prefer is the right thing to do instead of choosing the contact lens color that men prefer. Men are men and change their mind as often as they change their socks, so ladies please don't listen to them and choose your ideal color of contact lens by listening your heart. I recommend you to buy your circle lenses at, the best web store with the cheapest prices for the best quality products from Korea.




Color Contact Lenses for Kids


From the age of 8, girls start to worry about their appearance, this is why wearing glasses at this age could be difficult for them. At school other kids will probably mock the one with glasses, the one who looks different, this can give an inferiority complex to a little girl or a little boy. For young kids glasses are not convenient to play and run, they also reduce the field of vision. Of course you are wondering how old is the best age to wear circle lenses? Eight years old is a bit too young to wear contact lenses, but what about older kids?

Generally an ophthalmologist doesn't give prescription lenses to a child younger than 10 years, but officially there is no age prohibited by medicine.

It depends of the child but the thing to know is if your child is aware of dangers enough, has motivation or requested to wear color lenses. You have to know if your child is responsible and grown up enough to respect the care that circle lenses need. An ocular infection can raise if your son or daughter doesn't respect the basic rules of hygiene to care color circle lenses. For example your child has to clean his hands cautiously and dry them before touching circle lenses otherwise he can get an eye dry syndrome.

Think that your child has to be independent because sometimes he will be alone to manipulate the contact lenses as at school for example, no one will help him or her in that situation. If your little girl really wants to wear contact lenses you are going to train her and make her repeat again and again all the gestures needed for lens care, which involve cleaning lenses with solution, put the circle lens on and taking it off. Make a daily practice with your child until your are sure that he is ready. Remind to your daughter or your son that it is not possible to wear circle lenses more than 8 hours a day and that it is necessary to take off the circle lenses when she or he is going to swim.

Indeed this is the job of the parents to know if their kids are grown up enough and responsible. You will get the answer that you are looking for by watching at your child daily, for example you can notice if your child can do alone his homeworks, tidy up her or his bedroom, take a shower, brush his teeth without you having to repeat to do it all the time. When a kid is autonomous he can wear contact lenses everyday.

Daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses are available on the market; they are soft, comfortable, easy to use and convenient to care. We recommend you to prefer soft lenses because there is no risk to be harm while wearing them instead of hard circle lenses. For a child, soft color lenses are more adapted for a daily use.

About cosmetic color lenses without correction there is no contraindication ether, children only have to follow the basic rules of care including hygiene care. The aim of cosmetic lenses is just fashion and they are made to change your children look, this is why we recommend you to wait as long as you can to let your children wear color circle lenses, adolescence is the best time to start wearing color lenses.


Diving in the Sea with Korean Color Lenses


Your are going to practice scuba diving or snorkeling maybe for the first time and you are wondering if wearing color contact lenses isn't compatible with these activities. The real question is: Are there contraindications to wear contact lenses while practicing scuba diving or snorkeling?

Good news for the lovers of the big blue who want to fully enjoy their experience and observe the aquatic world clearly without having vision issues. It is possible to use contact lenses with your usual diving mask but you will have to respect few fundamentals for the health of your eyes.

Before starting diving put few drops of lubricant solution in your eyes, it will protect both your eyes and lenses.

Then like any good scuba diver check well your diving mask to see if it's perfectly waterproof, this check is very important because you have to know that you can't get salty water into your eyes with contact lenses on, otherwise you'll feel a very bad sensation of burning, you could damage at the same time your eyes and your lenses.

Once in the water make few exercises regularly by blinking your eyes, it will avoid little bubbles of air that could stick between your lens and your eye, you will see quickly if you are experiencing bubbles because you will get a blur vision. While diving if you feel that your diving mask is leaking do not hesitate and go back to the surface. Please respect carefully the rules of scuba diving by being careful to make the decompression before having your head off the water, otherwise you could put your life in danger.

On the other hand, use only soft daily contact lenses and prefer the hydrogel lenses, they will keep moisturized longer under water in your diving mask where the air pressure and density are augmented.

If you plan to practice scuba diving more often or if you are already practicing it often you might prefer to wear scuba diving mask with corrective lenses, this is the most convenient solution. The bad point is that this kind of diving mask is really expensive, unfortunately.

As you can see it is possible to practice scuba diving without taking off your circle contact lenses, so let's enjoy it soon.




Beginner Guide:

Color Lens or Korean Circle Lens


As you know Korean contact lenses are also called "circle lenses" or "color lenses", they are very trendy right now. Circle lenses are worn by number of celebrity who care about their appearance and even tiny details are important for them. Color lenses became a beauty asset, a must to compete with the most beautiful women of the world. More than the cosmetic appearance, color lenses can also correct your vision if you are suffering of vision issues. Circle lenses can replace the use of your traditional glasses. Before enjoying circle lenses there are few things that you need to know. We made for you a little guide for beginner.

Security and precautions of use for Korean lenses

Korean lenses are not a danger but as any contact lenses they need special precautions. These precautions are rules of care and hygiene. First of all your hands have to be perfectly cleaned with soap and dried with a fabric towel instead of a paper onewhen you are about to touch your lenses. Before using contact lenses it is very important to moisturize them, rinse them and disinfect them with special lens care solution. Do not forget to clean often the case of your lenses with a cleansing solution, do not hesitate to change the lens case once every 2 months.
Last recommendation, do not wear your color lenses more than 8 hours a day especially when it's time to sleep.

What age is the best to start wearing Korean lenses ?

There is no minimum or maximum age required to wear Korean circle lenses. You are the only judge to decide if your child is able to wear color lenses. Every teenager or kid responsible and careful enough can wear circle lens. Practitioners recommend to start wearing circle lenses at the age of 13 but nowadays kids grow quickly...

Do I need a prescription to buy Korean lenses?

You don't need any prescription if you wish to buy plano circle lenses essentially for cosmetic purpose, plano color lenses do not correct the vision. On the other hand, if you have vision issues we strongly recommend that you to consult an ophthalmologist to help you to get the right contact lenses with correction, these lenses prescribed by the doctor will suit perfectly your needs. Anyway it is always preferable to consult a practitioner if you decide to wear contact lenses for the first time, the ophthalmologist can tell you which curvature of lenses your eyes need (base curve of the lenses).

Do I need to buy Korean lenses or contact lenses? What is the difference between them?

Korean lenses and contact lenses are the same thing. But for most people the word "Korean" means colorful lenses with colorful patterns and designs. Korean lenses are also called "color lenses", "circle lenses", "cosmetic lenses" and big eyes lenses. The range of colors and patterns available is incredible, you can choose to wear simple and natural colors of lenses or maybe try something more special like the dolly eyes, cat eyes, red eyes, Naruto eyes etc... You can even choose the size of the enlargement that you want to change the size of your iris and make your eyes bigger than usual.

Where to buy safe Korean lenses?

You can buy your circle lenses at your optical store down your street or order your color lenses online via a web store. Be careful when you choose to buy Korean lenses online because you can make a bad experience as buying fake lenses. Prefer to buy well known trusted brands like Geo, Vassen, Dueba or Dreamcon. These brands have an excellent reputation and are famous with color lenses consumers. Victim of they success it is possible to find copies of these brands, you have to be aware of this.


If you want to make sure to order genuine color lenses and save a lot of money you should visit our shop A huge amount of circle lenses is available on our web store. We ship worldwide for free and we even propose free EMS shipping if you buy at least 5 pairs on We give you 1 more free pair if you buy 2 pairs, you get 3 pairs and pay only 2, and surprise gifts are offered to all our customers even if you buy only one pair of circle lenses.

Wear Color Contact Lenses when Going to Ski



You are suffering of myopia, hypertrophy or astigmatism and this winter you plan to go to the mountain for a ski or a snowboard session ?
You are maybe wondering if it is possible to wear circle lenses in these extreme conditions?

The answer is affirmative excepted if you plan to go somewhere where the temperatures are -20 degrees Celsius or -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Under these extreme negative temperatures your contact lenses would freeze on your eye.

Actually practicing a sport involving high speed like ski, snowboard, running, cycling, parachuting or motorcycle racing when wearing circle lenses is a big advantage if you are experiencing vision issues. Instead of glasses contact lenses fix vision problems and give a wider field of vision, color lenses can be worn with mask or helmet. It is very convenient when you're ridding in the snowing mountains because instead of glasses your circle lenses can't get fogged at all, very nice if you are wearing gloves, you won't need to take them off to clean your glasses.

However you have to take some precautions with the cold and dry air of the mountains during the winter, especially if you are in high altitude where oxygen is more rare, with the combination of altitude and high speed your contact lenses will be subjected to hard test.

Actually all these elements could make your contact lenses dryer than usual and lead your eyes to a bad feeling of burning or itchiness and make tears.

As you have to protect your skin with sunblock against sun's UV, you should protect your eyes while riding or practicing sport by moisturizing them with a special moisturizer care solution.

You can use as well multifunction solution care but it won't be convenient because you are going to need to take off the contact lenses.

For extreme sport session we recommend you to always take with you at least one spare contact lenses pair, just in case you lose or break a lens or any other reason.

If these little inconveniences are too annoying you must wear a ski mask if you are in the mountains, it will protect your eyes from the air and keep your lenses moisturized. You can even use sunglasses with covered sides to keep the air off.

While enjoying the spirit of the mountains and its activities you should wear soft lens because they are more confortable and stick better to your eyes. Bacterias and germs can contaminate your lenses from the snow. So be carefull when you make snow balls battles or when you fall down in the snow while ridding.

It is very easy to wear color circle lenses to ride in the mountains and by the way you'll look always beautiful or handsome anywhere you are, enjoy your circle lenses and let's ride soon.










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